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    • Steve McIntyre's avatar
      Cope with changes in the isolinux menus added for auto CPU detection · b7938695
      Steve McIntyre authored
      Previously, this code was being confused by the re-use/overloading of
      existing keywords in the ifcpu64.c module and not producing any menu
      entries. Now, explicitly parse the new options and pick out just the
      64-bit menus as they're a strict superset of the menus in isolinux.
      This may enable some more issues, e.g. people trying to load a 64-bit
      kernel on a 32-bit system, but until we get some auto-detection of CPU
      in grub there's not much we can do about that. Let's get *something*
      working at least.
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    • Steve McIntyre's avatar
      Add +x on boot-s390x after changes · 476838aa
      Steve McIntyre authored
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      Load the s390x initrd at 0x01000000 when using the ins loader. · 35bbcda8
      Philipp Kern authored
      Currently the ins loader (mostly HMC loading into an LPAR) only
      supports kernels up to 8 MiB. The jessie kernel has 11 MiB, which
      does not fit and hence gets its tail overwritten by the initrd
      (root.bin) loaded at this address. This change bumps the load
      address to 16 MiB, which should allow for some more growth of
      the kernel.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarPhilipp Kern <pkern@debian.org>
    • Philipp Kern's avatar
      Drop the d390oco* files. · 479c17d9
      Philipp Kern authored
      Object code only modules date back to 2.2 and 2.4 kernel times, when
      IBM did not release the source to certain kernel modules. Since many
      years everything needed to boot and run the machine is actually
      open source. It also got broken due to the kernel growing larger and
      adding the oco.bin would overwrite parts of the kernel.
      It's safe to say that nobody is actually using this.
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    • Steve McIntyre's avatar
      Shorten the text used as a base for the CD VOLID if possible · a416657b
      Steve McIntyre authored
      Replace "alpha" with "a" and "beta" with "b". We've only got 32
      characters to use here, so we need to shorten this. This way we can
      specify DEBVERSION as a useful long string like "stretch-DI-alpha1" as
      a version to appear in file/directory names, but without overflowing
      at the VOLID level. May need more tweaks later here, but for now this
      seems to do what we need.
      FTAOD: this won't change "alpha" in the architecture name, as that is
      added later.
    • Steve McIntyre's avatar
      Improve the sort_deps fix for too-large packages · bde884de
      Steve McIntyre authored
      Make sure that the package we're told about exists before we look for
      its size - a number of the dependencies and recommends may not exist
      and this will cause errors for us.
      Also list the configured max_pkg_size at the top of the script, to
      help with debugging later.
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