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    Split setup_devices in setup_devices and setup_dynamic_devices, · aaac37bb
    Marco d'Itri authored
    (setup_devices now only deals with static device nodes) and move the calls
    to setup_devices from the beginning of the second stage to the end of the
    first stage. setup_dynamic_devices mounts the appropriate filesystems
    which provide dynamic device nodes for the architectures which need one
    in debootstrap (kfreebsd and hurd).  This fixes a bug in --second-stage
    introduced in 1.0.34 and exposed by the devices-related changes of 1.0.76:
    the second stage debootstrap runs "dpkg --print-architecture >/dev/null" at
    the very beginning of the program when /dev is still empty, so it creates an
    empty regular file in place of /dev/null and this will cause mknod to fail
    later.  (Closes: #813232)