Commit 9997d68d authored by Jaromil's avatar Jaromil

add devuan archive and cdimage keyring to udeb

parent 06a651ff
......@@ -54,9 +54,12 @@ binary-indep: checkroot
$(install_dir) debian/devuan-keyring-udeb/usr/share/keyrings/
$(install_file) keyrings/devuan-keyring.gpg debian/devuan-keyring-udeb/usr/share/keyrings/
$(install_file) keyrings/devuan-keyring-2016-archive.gpg debian/devuan-keyring-udeb/usr/share/keyrings/
$(install_file) keyrings/devuan-keyring-2016-cdimage.gpg debian/devuan-keyring-udeb/usr/share/keyrings/
install -m 755 debian/devuan-keyring-udeb.postinst debian/devuan-keyring-udeb/DEBIAN/postinst
# Don't let dpkg-gencontrol write incorrect guesses to debian/files.
# Instead, register the udeb manually.
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