Commit 3f47f2c2 authored by Konstantin Manna's avatar Konstantin Manna Committed by Craig Small

Bug#752120: dh-make: make error message lintian consistent

Package: dh-make
Version: 1.20140617
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

Lintian recommends not to use first person in messages. See
It would be consistent to follow this guideline for a tool that aids in package creation.


commit 7aeacd48a8648236d5be0fdd794794d52cd27d7f
Author: Konstantin Manna <>
Date:   Thu Jun 19 22:17:53 2014 +0200

    passivate error message
parent 6eca21b8
......@@ -395,7 +395,7 @@ sub get_package
For dh_make to find the package name and version, the current directory
needs to be in the format of <package>-<version>. Alternatively use the
-p flag using the format <name>_<version> to override it.
I cannot understand the directory name or you have an invalid directory name!
The directory name you have specified is invalid!
Your current directory is $pwd, perhaps you could try going to
directory where the sources are?
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