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    * Added patches contributed by Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> · 82aae220
    Thomas Goirand authored
        (Closes: #784334):
        - By default the rescue and emergency shell are started on the boot
          console. This is ttyS0 on this image in order to have the boot output on
          the serial console which is accessible by "nova console-log". But there
          is no input device connected to this console, so the shells there are
          pretty useless. On the other hand tty0 is accessible via the spice or
          VNC console.
        - Only install extlinux in /boot/extlinux. Some parts were installed in
          / only, others in both locations.
        - Remove the quiet flag from the standard boot command. This is usefull on
          desktops to not clutter the boot screen, but not on a cloud image.
        - Use symlinks to kernel and initrd. This allows seamless kernel upgrades.
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