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## pinthread
pinthread is a little library intended for use with LD_PRELOAD environment var.
I've wrote it cause in devuan we intesively use qemu-static to build packages for
different archs, but it doesn't work well with some processes using threads
when the base host is multicore, so, this library will override the
pthread_create() call and will pin the threads and the main process
to run only on a specific core, making qemu happy and avoiding a lot
of segfaults.
### Build:
just type make and, optionally, make install
### Usage:
LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ something
Environment variables:
* PINTHREAD_CORE: set to the core number you want to pin to.
if omitted, it defaults to the result of
* PINTHREAD_PNAMES: accept a space separated list of strings,
if any string match the process name or
PINTHREAD_PNAMES is empty/omitted, it will
pin all thread according to PINTHREAD_CORE,
otherwise it will just call the "real"
pthread_create without any pinning.
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