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      close bugs · 20ece872
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      hierarchical tasks, desktop selection, and general massive changes · 9e2290b5
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      * Individual desktop environments are displayed by tasksel.
        Currently only xfce, gnome, and kde, which are the most popular 3.
      * Preseeding tasksel/desktop still works to select the default desktop,
        and now preseeding eg, tasksel/desktop=lxde will also cause that task
        to be displayed by tasksel even when it would not normally be.
      * Added a Parent field, which results in a simple nested hierarchy
        display. (Currently only one level deep, and not collapsable since
        debconf doesn't have an appropriate widget.)
      * Relevance field order inverted (1 is highest).
      * Some strings were fuzzied, but they were all the non-translatable
        names of desktop environments, so this does not hurt actual d-i
        localization, only the stats until those get un-fuzzied.
      * Removed mail-server, dns-server, database-server, file-server tasks,
        which were not well enough defined to be useful and whose menu
        space will be better used for blends or openstack tasks.
      * Laptop task is no longer displayed, just automatically installed
        when laptop-detect says to. Note that in the case of a false positive,
        only a little extra space is used, and in the case of a false negative,
        nothing in the task is needed for a usable desktop environment on a
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      ye olde po spam · 737b982a
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      remove Section · a0266e7e
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      Was only used for ordering the tasks. Will not be needed after next commit.
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      release · a760ece6
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      po changes due to build · f6046d4f
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      Change default desktop to xfce. · dfca406e
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      This will be re-evaluated before jessie is frozen. The evaluation will
      start around the point of DebConf (August 2014). If at that point gnome
      looks like a better choice, it'll go back as the default.
      Some criteria for that choice will include:
      * Popcon numbers for gnome on jessie. If gnome installations continue to
        rise fast enough despite xfce being the default (compared with, say
        kde installations), then we'll know that users prefer gnome.
        Currently we have no data about how many users would choose gnome when
        it's not the default. Part of the reason for switching to xfce now
        is to get such data.
      * The state of accessability support, particularly for the blind.
      * How well the UI works for both new and existing users. Gnome 3
        seems to be adding back many gnome 2 features that existing users
        expect, as well as making some available via addons. If it feels
        comfortable to gnome 2 (and xfce) users, that would go a long way
        toward switching back to it as the default. Meanwhile, Gnome 3 is also
        breaking new ground in its interface; if the interface seems more
        welcoming to new users, or works better on mobile devices, etc, that
        would again point toward switching back.
      * Whatever size constraints exist for CD or other images at the time.
      Hello to all the tech journalists out there. This is pretty boring.
      Why don't you write a story about monads instead?
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