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      My changes: · 9aadd503
      Joey Hess authored
        * Added support for task description files.
        * Read in /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc as a task description
        * Added makedesc.pl, a program to generate a task description file from
          a set of task descriptions.
        * Got rid of all the name prettification code since it is no longer used
        * Killed filterdescription, the task packages in woody actually don't
          have that problem anymore.
        * Don't move cursor to the right after a task is selected.
        * Removed unused tasksel.man from source package (keep pod).
        * Fixed an obscure bug if a task package happened to be the last thing in
          the available file.
        * Enable debug mode by default, but turn it off when building from the
          rules file.
      Aj's changes:
        * Use "Section:" fields to break tasks into different sections. Have a
          hardcoded list of default sections, with a defined order; remaining
          sections get added to the end, in alphabetical order. Sections that
          don't match "tasks-*" are ignored.
        * "tasksel install foo bar baz" as a replacement for "apt-get install
          task-foo task-bar task-baz"
        * Increase the size of the "apt-get install" command line buffer.
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