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      prep release · c4e3c67f
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      Include MATE in the desktop task list, also based on desktop requalification results. · 186f81a8
      Joey Hess authored
      MATE has good accessibility, and is at least as good as XCFE in systemd
      integration. And including it on the list provides a very familar option
      for older Debian users.
      Note that I have not tested MATE integration with d-i, particularly whether
      d-i sets up graphical sudo for it when the system is installed with no root
      password. That may need to be sorted out, and so this addition is only
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      switch default desktop to Gnome · dce99f5f
      Joey Hess authored
      Based on prelimary results from
      Some desired data is not yet available, but at this point I'm around 80%
      sure that gnome is coming out ahead in the process. This is particularly
      based on accessibility and to some extent systemd integration.
      Accessibility: Gnome and Mate are ahead by a large margin. Some of the
      other desktops have had their accessability integration in Debian improved,
      partly driven by this process, but still need significant upstream work.
      Systemd/etc integration: Xfce, Mate, etc are stuck paying catch-up to
      ongoing changes in this area. There will be time to hopefully iron these
      issues out during the freeze once the tech stack stops changing out from
      under them, so this is not a complete blocker for those desktops, but
      going by the current status, Gnome is ahead.
      The only single factor that I think could outweigh the above is media size,
      if there was a strong desire by Debian to see a single CD with a standalone
      usable desktop. However, the Debian live team doesn't care about fitting on
      a traditional CD; and while the Debian CD team hasn't made a statement, my
      impression as a member is that this is not something we care enough about
      any more to make it a hard blocker on the default desktop.
      Other less tangible things that influenced this decision slightly include:
      - The Debian gnome team made a passionate case for Gnome having a bigger
        community, etc.
      - Gnome 3 seems to have improved quite a lot since the last Debian release.
      - The Debian XFCE team is ambivilant about whether it should be the default
        at all. They have not seen much added contributions from it being the
        default in testing for the past ~9 months and remain a small team.
      - The Debian Mate team is making a pretty good case for Mate,
        but OTOH it's new in Debian, without much testing or many users.
        While at the same time being basically gnome 2.0. I am uncomfortable
        with Debian regressing, despite that being a fine desktop environment.
      - Tasksel allows picking other desktops from a list, so this is really
        just the default, which can be easily changed.
      (I will not be answering media enquiries related to this commit.)
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      Set APT::Acquire::Retries=3 to deal with minor network glitches. Thanks, Petter… · 64545508
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      Set APT::Acquire::Retries=3 to deal with minor network glitches. Thanks, Petter Reinholdtsen. Closes: #761970
      Perhaps this would be a good default for apt in general? In any case, it
      seems fine to do it in the installer.
      Note that this could override an existing user configuration for this
      value. If that turns out to be a problem, it could be done only when
      in new install mode.
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      close bugs · 20ece872
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      hierarchical tasks, desktop selection, and general massive changes · 9e2290b5
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      * Individual desktop environments are displayed by tasksel.
        Currently only xfce, gnome, and kde, which are the most popular 3.
      * Preseeding tasksel/desktop still works to select the default desktop,
        and now preseeding eg, tasksel/desktop=lxde will also cause that task
        to be displayed by tasksel even when it would not normally be.
      * Added a Parent field, which results in a simple nested hierarchy
        display. (Currently only one level deep, and not collapsable since
        debconf doesn't have an appropriate widget.)
      * Relevance field order inverted (1 is highest).
      * Some strings were fuzzied, but they were all the non-translatable
        names of desktop environments, so this does not hurt actual d-i
        localization, only the stats until those get un-fuzzied.
      * Removed mail-server, dns-server, database-server, file-server tasks,
        which were not well enough defined to be useful and whose menu
        space will be better used for blends or openstack tasks.
      * Laptop task is no longer displayed, just automatically installed
        when laptop-detect says to. Note that in the case of a false positive,
        only a little extra space is used, and in the case of a false negative,
        nothing in the task is needed for a usable desktop environment on a
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