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util-linux (2.26.2-6+devuan1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Updated to 2.26 upstream
* Updated debian directory to 2.26.2-6 debian package
* NMU upload with Andreas' consent / by his request.
* Using sysvinit-utils (<< 2.88dsf-59.1~) confuses apt during upgrade, so
use Depends: instead. This isn't technically true, but ensures a robust
upgrade also from jessie. (Closes: #786469 debian bug)
* Drop now obsolete purging of fstrim timer unit helper
* Reclaim /sbin/fdisk on PowerPC
* Ship mountpoint in util-linux package instead
- This suits non-linux archs better, since mount is linux-any.
* Avoid cyclic Breaks in initscripts vs util-linux
* The "moving in on sysvinit(-utils) turf" release.
* Make Breaks against cloud-utils versioned
- cloud-utils 0.27-1 should now be fixed (see #783826 debian bug)
* mount: ship mountpoint utility (Closes: #753779 debian bug)
* util-linux: ship sulogin, last, lastb, mesg utilities (Closes: #784566
debian bug)
* Update libmount1.symbols for non-linux archs (Closes: #784728 debian bug)
* Revert mistake in libblkid1 short description (Closes: #784822 debian bug)
* debian/rules: Add special handling for libfdisk1-udeb
* Bump libmount1 shlibs to say >= 2.26
* Add configure flag to make libmount skip /etc/mtab.
Thanks to Martin Pitt for the suggestion and pointers to background info.
* Revert "Attempt to avoid dumb term problem in "more: regexp" test"
- No longer needed since the test now sets TERM itself.
* Update gbp.conf for 2.26 branches
* Imported Upstream version 2.26.2
- this version includes a complete rewrite of sfdisk
A selection of some other notable fixes:
- libmount: allow unspecified source on remount (Closes: #772977 debian bug)
- hwclock: regression fix (Closes: #782726 debian bug)
- logger: warn when --file and command line message are combined
(Closes: #467244 debian bug)
- logger: add hostname to rfc3164 message (Closes: #705217 debian bug)
- bash-completion: stop being clever when listing block devices
(Closes: #764488 debian bug)
- libfdisk: fix partition names on GNU Hurd. (Closes: #769897 debian bug)
- fsck.minix: fix segmentation fault (Closes: #773892 debian bug)
- libblkid: (bcache) fix keys usage (Closes: #775374 debian bug)
- libfdisk: (gpt) check header size before verify CRC (Closes: #780834 debian bug)
- uuidd: Fixed a typo in daemon logging message (Closes: #766064 debian bug)
- docs: mention nice(1) in renice(1) manual page (Closes: #260984 debian bug)
- bash-completion: Invoke actual commands to be completed, not basenames
(Closes: #769462 debian bug)
* Rebase debian/patches on top of new upstream release
- Drop patches cherry-picked from upstream:
- Drop translation updates which should now be part of upstream:
- Refresh remaining patches:
- Update series file
* Add po/stamp-po to debian/clean
- to make sure po/*.gmo actually gets rebuilt
* Update libmount1.symbols with 11 newly introduced symbols
* Add libfdisk1, libfdisk-dev and libfdisk-udeb packages
* Add Breaks on cloud-utils since it uses now-removed sfdisk options.
- this should be made a versioned breaks once Bug#783826 gets fixed.
* Add patch to fix `unshare -r` regression.
- Cherry-picked upstream commit 0bf159413bdb9e32486
"unshare: Fix --map-root-user to work on new kernels"
Thanks to Kirill Smelkov (Closes: #780841 debian bug)
* Revert "Trigger update of initramfs on upgrades" (Closes: #773354 debian bug)
* Revert "Add Breaks: live-tools (<<4.0~alpha17-1)"
- No longer needed since dropping the update-initramfs call.
* Fix typo in symlink_to_dir and bump prior-version
- in other words, fix 2.25.2-4.1 upload. (Closes: #775350 debian bug)
* Add Breaks: grml-debootstrap (<< 0.68)
- previous versions does not work properly with new util-linux which
always identifies atleast one label for every partition (PARTUUID)
so lets prevent partial upgrades. (Closes: #772846 debian bug)
-- Franco (nextime) Lanza <> Mon, 25 May 2015 09:25:56 +0200
util-linux (2.25.2-4.1+devuan1) jessie; urgency=medium
* Import in Devuan
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