Simple Distro Kit - Virtual Machines
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vm-sdk is simple distro build system aimed at creating Vagrant boxes and other virtual machines.


vm-sdk is designed to be used interactively from a terminal. It requires the following packages to be installed in addition to the dependencies required for libdevuansdk.

sudo permissions are required for the user that is running the build.


qemu qemu-utils

### Gentoo


## Initial setup

After cloning the vm-sdk git repository, enter it and issue:

git submodule update --init

### Updating

To update vm-sdk, go to the root dir of the git repo and issue:

git pull && git submodule update --init --recursive

## Quick start

Edit the `config` file to match your needs. Sensible defaults are
already there. Then run zsh. To avoid issues, it's best to start a
vanilla version, without preloaded config files so it doesn't cause
issues with libdevuansdk/vm-sdk functions.

; zsh -f -c ‘source sdk’

Now is the time you choose the OS and (optionally) a blend you want
to build the image for.

### Currently supported distros

* `devuan`

; load devuan

Once initialized, you can run the helper command:

; build_vm_dist

The image will automatically be build for you. Once finished, you will be
able to find it in the `dist/` directory in vm-sdk's root.