amprolla is an apt repository merger originally intended for use with the Devuan infrastructure. This version is the third iteration of the software.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# see LICENSE file for copyright and license details
Perform incremental updates
from os.path import join
from multiprocessing import Pool
import requests
import sys
import lib.globalvars as globalvars
from lib.config import aliases, cpunm, repos, repo_order, spooldir, skips
from lib.lock import run_with_args_locking
from lib.log import info, warn, die
from lib.parse import compare_dict, get_date, get_time, parse_release
from import download
from amprolla_merge import gen_release, merge, prepare_merge_dict
def remote_is_newer(remote, local):
Checks if a remote Release file holds a newer date, and returns True if so
rem_date = get_date(remote)
loc_date = get_date(local)
# print('Remote date: %s' % rem_date)
# print('Local date: %s' % loc_date)
if get_time(rem_date) > get_time(loc_date):
info('Remote Release is newer!')
return True
return False
def perform_update(suite, paths):
Performs an incremental update and merge of a given suite
info('Checking for updates in %s' % suite)
# print(paths)
globalvars.suite = suite
globalvars.rehash = False
needsmerge = {}
needsmerge['downloads'] = [] # all files that have to be downloaded
regenrelease = False
cnt = 0
for i in repo_order:
# i = repository name
needsmerge[i] = {}
needsmerge[i]['mergelist'] = []
if paths[cnt]:
info('Working on %s repo' % i)
remote_path = paths[cnt].replace(spooldir, repos[i]['host'])
remote_rel = requests.get(join(remote_path, 'Release'))
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as err:
warn('Caught exception: "%s". Retrying...' % err)
return perform_update(suite, paths)
local_rel_text = open(join(paths[cnt], 'Release')).read()
diffs = {}
if remote_is_newer(remote_rel.text, local_rel_text):
download((join(remote_path, 'Release'),
join(paths[cnt], 'Release')))
regenrelease = True
diffs = compare_dict(parse_release(remote_rel.text),
if diffs:
globalvars.rehash = True
for k in diffs:
if k.endswith('Packages.gz') or k.endswith('Sources.gz'):
rmt = join(paths[cnt].replace(spooldir, repos[i]['host']), k)
loc = join(paths[cnt], k)
dlf = (rmt, loc)
cnt += 1
# break
# download what needs to be downloaded
if needsmerge['downloads']:
info('Downloading updates...')
dlpool = Pool(cpunm), needsmerge['downloads'])
# create union of our Packages.gz and Sources.gz files we will merge
uni = []
for i in repo_order:
updpkg_list = set().union(*uni)
# make a list of package lists to feed into merge()
merge_list = []
for i in updpkg_list:
pkgs = []
for j in repo_order:
sui = suite
# append valid aliases
if repos[j]['aliases']:
if suite in aliases[repos[j]['name']]:
sui = aliases[repos[j]['name']][suite]
elif repos[j]['skipmissing']:
sui = None
if j == 'debian' and suite in skips:
sui = None
if sui:
pkgs.append(join(spooldir, repos[j]['dists'], sui, i))
# perform the actual merge
if merge_list:
info('Merging files...')
mrgpool = Pool(cpunm), merge_list)
# generate Release files if we got any new files
if needsmerge['downloads'] or regenrelease:
info('Generating Release...')
def main():
Do the update for all repos
roots = prepare_merge_dict()
for suite, paths in roots.items():
perform_update(suite, paths)
# break
if __name__ == '__main__':
run_with_args_locking(main, "incremental update")