290 Commits (devuan/0.14.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Beer ae0994c8c0
Beautify/Enhance main template 1 year ago
  Beer 2095f47dd8
Add TLS configuration defaults to the main section 1 year ago
  Beer 8a5bfbf32f
Beautify/Enhance HTTP template 1 year ago
  Beer 0044b92cc6
Add uninstall 1 year ago
  Beer 86945b8962
Parameterize GZip compression 1 year ago
  Beer f06ad4cc5a
Adapt project to Devuan 1 year ago
  Aleksey Shirokih 5a7731735b
Restrict logging certificate content in diff mode (#242) 1 year ago
  Tom Gamull d51bacda43
Issue238 - validate configs (#241) 1 year ago
  Tom Gamull 301416a9c9
Issue239 - fix nginx_version in module install (#240) 1 year ago
  Tom Gamull 2289b6a070
Buildfromsource (#233) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia d0548a7b0b
Remove NGINX Controller agent tasks (#228) 1 year ago
  Philip Henning 5ac87644a8
Add implementation of ngx_http_sub_module config (#216) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 9fba82755f
Add OS family check (#224) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 1afb425c19
Update copyright year (#221) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 60afd2089d
Update minimum Ansible version (#220) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia ff010179bc
Add Ansible and Molecule versions to Travis (#217) 1 year ago
  Seena Fallah 0b176f847a Make ssl optional for listeners (#215) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia d661ff4db9
Only add Debian repositories when installing role in amd64 archs (#212) 1 year ago
  erbap 50a6338a35 apt update (after installation from the nginx repo) gives an err… (#211) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia b5baf3a2ae
Improve documentation (#206) 1 year ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 36ba93a5d7
Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 34899a6b15 Update issue templates 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia f54b7d2f90
Add new method to install the NGINX Controller agent (#205) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 3b6c744166
Delete NGINX Plus repository when license is deleted (#204) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 905d6c7531
Let users define the target https redirect variable (#203) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 8baa94e736
Add option to use/update to the latest version of NGINX (#202) 2 years ago
  Vladimir Botka c2c0bb990a Split defaults/main.yml to more files in directory defaults/main (#200) 2 years ago
  Vladimir Botka cc4311dd05 Configure min_ansible_version (#201) 2 years ago
  Pritpal Sabharwal f56855bd16 Don't enforce the use of lb_method in upstream. (#199) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia e4e68376f5 Add testing and use correct repository for CentOS/RHEL 8 2 years ago
  Seena Fallah 4ad659a784 Fixed bug on tcp_nopush and tcp_nodelay for nginx.conf.j2 (#198) 2 years ago
  Vladimir Botka 31beec2e7b NGINX Plus separate installation of Linux and FreeBSD (#193) 2 years ago
  Seena Fallah ce58eeabbd Add tcp_nopush and tcp_nodelay vars (#197) 2 years ago
  Seena Fallah 1771878e9e Add multiple servers for reverse proxy template (#194) 2 years ago
  Pritpal Sabharwal cb014cdab4 Added proxy_cache_valid support (#192) 2 years ago
  Vladimir Botka baafb8d7de Add vi and emacs autosave files to .gitignore (#195) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia f6c48c12d6
Add Alpine tests to all molecule scenarios (#191) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 59e0170313
Fix OSS Alpine installation and add Alpine test coverage (#190) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 16f21c5c7c
Optimise testing and fix CentOS GeoIP module (#185) 2 years ago
  Seena Fallah 3778113cde Add proxy_sent_timeout and make upstream zones optional (#188) 2 years ago
  Vladimir Botka fd88f4cb22 Tags added to main.yml (#186) 2 years ago
  Vladimir Botka 27d94628bd Separate installation of Linux and BSD (#182) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 78c21d4346
Add variable to set location of NGINX status conf file (#184) 2 years ago
  scodeman 7785babce1 Add support for multiple rewrite directives as per nginx conf (#176) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 41aeda300d
Add option to specify the version of NGINX to install (#177) 2 years ago
  Alexander Maslov cca5dbb37d Add server_tokens (#173) (#175) 2 years ago
  Yuan-Yi Chang a236c73af8 Add custom_options (#167) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 1c9a1278b3
Reload NGINX after cleaning up configs (#174) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 1d0cb1083f
Update README (#171) 2 years ago
  Alessandro Fael Garcia 11bbdfeba8
Create Travis build matrix for molecule builds (#172) 2 years ago