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Contributing Guidelines

The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to the NGINX Ansible role. We really appreciate that you are considering contributing!

Table Of Contents

Ask a Question

Getting Started


Code Guidelines

Code of Conduct

Ask a Question

Please open an Issue on GitHub with the label question.

Getting Started

Follow our Installation Guide to install Ansible and Molecule and get ready to use the NGINX Ansible role.

Project Structure

  • The NGINX Ansible role is written in yaml and supports open source NGINX, NGINX Plus, NGINX Amplify, and NGINX Unit.
  • The project follows the standard Ansible role directory structure
    • The main code is found at tasks/
    • The main variables can be found at defaults/main/
    • Configuration templates for NGINX can be found at templates/
    • Molecule tests can be found in molecule/.
    • CI/CD is done via Travis using .travis.yml Deployment yaml files, and Helm files are found at deployments/


Report a Bug

To report a bug, open an issue on GitHub with the label bug using the available bug report issue template. Please ensure the issue has not already been reported.

Suggest an Enhancement

To suggest an enhancement, please create an issue on GitHub with the label enhancement using the available feature issue template.

Open a Pull Request

  • Fork the repo, create a branch, submit a PR when your changes are tested and ready for review
  • Fill in our pull request template

Note: if you’d like to implement a new feature, please consider creating a feature request issue first to start a discussion about the feature.

Code Guidelines

Git Guidelines

  • Keep a clean, concise and meaningful git commit history on your branch (within reason), rebasing locally and squashing before submitting a PR
  • Follow the guidelines of writing a good commit message as described here and summarised in the next few points
    • In the subject line, use the present tense ("Add feature" not "Added feature")
    • In the subject line, use the imperative mood ("Move cursor to..." not "Moves cursor to...")
    • Limit the subject line to 72 characters or less
    • Reference issues and pull requests liberally after the subject line
    • Add more detailed description in the body of the git message (git commit -a to give you more space and time in your text editor to write a good message instead of git commit -am)

Ansible Guidelines