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# Install nginx.
# Default is true.
nginx_enable: true
# Start nginx service.
# Default is true.
nginx_start: true
# Print nginx configuration file to terminal after executing playbook.
nginx_debug_output: false
# Specify which version of nginx you want to install.
# Default is empty.
# nginx_version: "=19-1~bionic"
# For Plus and modules you'll need a wilcard like below (which installs plus-20 and modules)
# nginx_version: "-20*"
# Specify whether you want to maintain your version of nginx, upgrade to the latest version, or remove nginx.
# Can be used with `nginx_version` to achieve fine tune control on which version of nginx is installed/used on each playbook execution.
# Using 'present' will install the latest version (or 'nginx_version') of nginx on a fresh install.
# Using 'latest' will upgrade nginx to the latest version (that matches your 'nginx_version') of nginx on every playbook execution.
# Using 'absent' will remove nginx from your system.
# Default is present.
nginx_state: present
# Remove previously existing NGINX configuration files.
# Use a list of paths you wish to remove.
# Default is false.
nginx_cleanup_config: false
- /etc/nginx/conf.d
- /etc/nginx/sites-available
- /etc/nginx/sites-enabled