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- import_tasks: prerequisites.yml
tags: nginx_prerequisites
- name: "Install nginx"
- import_tasks: install.yml
tags: nginx_install
- import_tasks: conf/cleanup-config.yml
when: nginx_cleanup_config | bool
tags: nginx_cleanup_config
- import_tasks: conf/upload-config.yml
when: nginx_main_upload_enable | bool
or nginx_http_upload_enable | bool
or nginx_stream_upload_enable | bool
or nginx_html_upload_enable | bool
or nginx_ssl_upload_enable | bool
tags: nginx_upload_config
- import_tasks: conf/template-config.yml
when: nginx_main_template_enable | bool
or nginx_http_template_enable | bool
or nginx_stream_template_enable | bool
tags: nginx_template_config
- import_tasks: conf/setup-status.yml
when: nginx_status_enable | bool
tags: nginx_setup_status
- import_tasks: conf/debug-output.yml
when: nginx_debug_output | bool
tags: nginx_debug_output
when: nginx_enable | bool
- name: "Uninstall nginx"
- name: "Purge nginx"
name: nginx
state: absent
purge: yes
autoremove: yes
autoclean: yes
- import_tasks: conf/cleanup-config.yml
tags: nginx_cleanup_config
when: not nginx_enable | bool
tags: nginx_purge