28 Commits (4df6871f1c2f68983b732470902bd02a0c6b4192)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Colin Watson 4df6871f1c Re-enable progress bar cancellation; debconf 1.5.27 fixes occasional 11 years ago
  Colin Watson 7665e4b856 Adjust cancellation comment in apt-setup-verify: in-target preserves 12 years ago
  Colin Watson 2e59bb8ee4 Initialise local variable 'file' so that apt-setup-verify doesn't get 13 years ago
  Frans Pop 291c48d3b9 Disable option to cancel progress bar as there are issues with it 13 years ago
  Frans Pop 6e5acb6dd9 Add back progress/cancelation changes 14 years ago
  Frans Pop b4aa7d758b Temporarily revert progress/cancelation changes as they are not ready for release 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 1543435034 Make apt-setup-verify recognize the --from and --to options itself. This 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 1de6723711 If we're going go shift away remaining options, we should do so unconditionally or else risk inconsistent behavior between line 2 and any following lines (depending on the number of '--' in the options) 14 years ago
  Frans Pop c0df930976 Use more generic code to parse parameters and a few minor other changes 14 years ago
  Joey Hess dd7b294b5c merge apt-setup-progress now that the necessary version of debconf is in testing 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 41e8122cce Correct inverted test for CD sources, which caused it to skip verification 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 68c2211321 * apt-setup-verify: 'apt-get update' does not actually verify CD/DVD 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 9a61083a3c Use correct tag with log-output 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 3026c71dcc * apt-setup-verify: reset IFS to avoid problems with option processing. 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 4a25740503 Reduce timeout for testing security mirrors to 30 seconds. As security.d.o 14 years ago
  Frans Pop cc0cd28db5 * Use log-output for commands that produce output if run in the installer. 14 years ago
  Frans Pop e1a710233a - Make apt-setup idempotent by removing workfile on back up 15 years ago
  Frans Pop 5836ca7bca When the security mirror cannot be reached, do not apt-setup-verify the source lines again. This saves having to wait for two DNS timeouts. 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 8930091f69 * Remove --ignore-time-conflict settings, set globally for the installer 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 026dde92ea * Ignore time conflicts when running apt-get update, should fix later apt 15 years ago
  Colin Watson e6555b5885 * Make apt-setup-verify preserve blank lines. 16 years ago
  Joey Hess f3382f7cb7 If setting up a mirror fails, allow the user to retry or change their 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 0eafb42c1e append to $saveto, so that we get more than just the last generated line 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 2baaf28d7d fix use of $chroot 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 97a81d9fcc make saveto argument really optional 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 90c3fb8e5a remove apparently spurious 'a' 16 years ago
  Joey Hess 12b9501e6e misc improvements 16 years ago
  Joey Hess 48a5ee6da2 Beginnings of a new, modular apt-setup that will run inside d-i or 16 years ago