14 Commits (4df6871f1c2f68983b732470902bd02a0c6b4192)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Colin Watson 4df6871f1c Re-enable progress bar cancellation; debconf 1.5.27 fixes occasional 11 years ago
  Colin Watson 4c0d2a706a Upgrade to debhelper v7. 12 years ago
  Colin Watson 4afed37dab Use fetch-url instead of wget in local generator, making it possible to 12 years ago
  Frans Pop feb25b4278 releasing version 1:0.32 13 years ago
  Joey Hess 624bbf1ab6 Vcs-Svn is now an official field 14 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 27fc9404ad Use 'installed-base' virtual package dependency instead of explicit 'base-installer' one 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 33ded2008e multiply all menu-item-numbers by 100 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 45cb8a5ad5 add XS-Vcs-Svn fields for every source package in d-i 15 years ago
  Frans Pop be2470da8d - Add Lintian override for standards-version 15 years ago
  Frans Pop e098a2c1cd Make the use of a network mirror optional if the base system is installable from CD 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 8930091f69 * Remove --ignore-time-conflict settings, set globally for the installer 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 97c6c75722 remove unnecessary ${shlibs:Depends} 16 years ago
  Colin Watson d615fae1bc * Call the main package apt-setup-udeb to allow for apt-setup.deb in the 16 years ago
  Joey Hess 79a991ef03 add debian packaging files and split into three udebs 16 years ago