19 Commits (4df6871f1c2f68983b732470902bd02a0c6b4192)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Colin Watson 4df6871f1c Re-enable progress bar cancellation; debconf 1.5.27 fixes occasional 11 years ago
  Colin Watson 1ca35919d3 slightly more complete version of previous change 12 years ago
  Colin Watson b99202d2d2 Add apt-setup/proposed question (never asked); if preseeded to true 12 years ago
  Colin Watson f4d89e6644 Use archive.ubuntu.com as the default source mirror for Ubuntu ports 12 years ago
  Colin Watson 55b86cd32f For Ubuntu installs, if either restricted or multiverse is enabled, 12 years ago
  Frans Pop f0b20f974a Take CD/DVD sets into account when prompting for use of a mirror 13 years ago
  Frans Pop c665b9d621 Use single explanation variable in template to avoid excessive whitespace 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 0c93a68420 - Also default to using a mirror for full CD images 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 9a5591d530 - Fix appending the netinst blurb to the use_mirror template 14 years ago
  Frans Pop f136399cf0 Only display the warning about ending up with a mininmal system when 14 years ago
  Frans Pop e4fe568dfa * For CD installs, ask more selectively whether to use a mirror or not: 14 years ago
  Colin Watson 91c3b53a0c * Fix mirror generators not to break if apt-setup/use_mirror isn't asked. 15 years ago
  Colin Watson a53f9b18cf * Port mirror generator changes from 1:0.11 to Ubuntu mirror generator. 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 3b84ce53a8 * Add multiverse component support to Ubuntu mirror generator (thanks, 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 7354bb2773 * Fix comment typo in Ubuntu mirror generator. 15 years ago
  Colin Watson ef7ee44edc * Fix reversed logic for universe and backports in Ubuntu mirror 16 years ago
  Colin Watson cef5a21a66 * Avoid double slashes in sources.list mirror lines. 16 years ago
  Frans Pop 7ec28b05a3 Use the codename for the release in sources.list instead of the suite. 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 6296344993 * Initial untested mirror generator for Ubuntu. Not added to translation 16 years ago