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Ralph Rönnquist 1a1ab90cf6 upgrade 2 weeks ago
po Merge+fix the po files. 2 weeks ago
source Mass-commit packaging changes. 8 years ago
.gitignore add gitignores, converted from svn 10 years ago
apt-cdrom-setup.install Upgrade to debhelper v7. 12 years ago
apt-cdrom-setup.templates manual merge/patch 2 weeks ago
apt-mirror-setup.install add debian packaging files and split into three udebs 16 years ago
apt-mirror-setup.templates manual merge/patch 2 weeks ago
apt-mirror-setup.templates-ubuntu Add apt-setup/proposed question (never asked); if preseeded to true 12 years ago
apt-setup-udeb.install Add support for backports. Closes: #691651 7 years ago
apt-setup-udeb.postinst * Use log-output for commands that produce output if run in the installer. 14 years ago
apt-setup-udeb.templates manual merge/patch 2 weeks ago
changelog upgrade 2 weeks ago
compat Mass-commit packaging changes. 8 years ago
control added Origin 2 weeks ago
copyright Drop Irish temporarily 14 years ago
rules Fix dh_installdebconf override to work properly with an architecture-independent-only build (closes: #805994). 5 years ago