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- remove the "If you are installing from a netinst CD" thing in the
use_mirror template and _detect_ if it's a netinst or a full CD. The
question could also be skipped entirely for netinsts.
- http proxy asking for installs from only CD w/o choose-mirror (for
security sources)
- multi-cd support
- During a netinst CD install, choose-mirror is asked before
base-installer, which is sorta confusing at first since it installs base
from the CD. This happens because apt-setup-udeb pulls in
apt-mirror-setup which in turn pulls in choose-mirror, which is a menu
item. Perhaps it's best to consider this behavior a feature though; it
does need to choose a mirror at some point.
- If choose-mirror is run to change the mirror in the middle, it starts up
its own progress bar and then there is no progress bar up after it