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  1. Template: debian-installer/apt-setup/title
  2. Type: text
  3. # Main menu item
  4. _Description: Configure apt
  5. Template: apt-setup/progress/title
  6. Type: text
  7. _Description: Configuring apt
  8. Template: apt-setup/progress/fallback
  9. Type: text
  10. _Description: Configuring ${SCRIPT}...
  11. Template: apt-setup/progress/setup
  12. Type: text
  13. _Description: Setting up...
  14. Template: apt-setup/progress/security
  15. Type: text
  16. _Description: Finding security update repository...
  17. Template: apt-setup/security_host
  18. Type: string
  19. Default:
  20. Description: host to use for security updates (internal use)
  21. Template: apt-setup/non-free
  22. Type: boolean
  23. Default: false
  24. _Description: Use non-free software?
  25. Some non-free software has been made to work with Debian. Though this
  26. software is not at all a part of Debian, standard Debian tools can be used
  27. to install it. This software has varying licenses which may prevent you
  28. from using, modifying, or sharing it.
  29. .
  30. Please choose whether you want to have it available anyway.
  31. Template: apt-setup/contrib
  32. Type: boolean
  33. Default: false
  34. _Description: Use contrib software?
  35. Some additional software has been made to work with Debian. Though this
  36. software is free, it depends on non-free software for its operation. This
  37. software is not a part of Debian, but standard Debian tools can be
  38. used to install it.
  39. .
  40. Please choose whether you want this software to be made available to you.
  41. Template: apt-setup/security-updates-failed
  42. Type: error
  43. _Description: Cannot access security updates
  44. The security updates on ${SECURITY_HOST} couldn't be accessed, so those
  45. updates will not be made available to you at this time. You should
  46. investigate this later.
  47. .
  48. Commented out entries for ${SECURITY_HOST} have been added to the
  49. /etc/apt/sources.list file.