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  1. Package: network-manager-strongswan
  2. Status: install ok installed
  3. Priority: extra
  4. Section: net
  5. Installed-Size: 256
  6. Maintainer: Jean-Christophe Manciot <>
  7. Architecture: amd64
  8. Version: 1.3.1-14
  9. Provides: network-manager-strongswan
  10. Depends: libart-2.0-2, libatk1.0-0, libavahi-client3, libavahi-common3, libavahi-glib1, libbonobo2-0, libbonoboui2-0, libc6, libcairo2, libcanberra0, libdatrie1, libdbus-1-3, libdbus-glib-1-2, libexpat1, libffi6, libfontconfig1, libfreetype6, libgail18, libgconf-2-4, libgcrypt20, libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0, libglib2.0-0, libglib2.0-0-dbg, libglib2.0-0-refdbg, libgmp10, libgnome-2-0, libgnomecanvas2-0, libgnome-keyring0, libgnomeui-0, libgnomevfs2-0, libgnutls30, libgpg-error0, libgraphite2-3, libgtk2.0-0, libharfbuzz0b, libhogweed4, libice6, libidn11, libltdl7, liblzma5, libnettle6, libnm-glib-vpn1, libnm-util2, libogg0, liborbit-2-0, libp11-kit0, libpango-1.0-0, libpangocairo-1.0-0, libpangoft2-1.0-0, libpcre3, libpixman-1-0, libpng12-0, libpopt0, libselinux1, libsm6, libsystemd0, libtasn1-6, libtdb1, libthai0, libuuid1, libvorbis0a, libvorbisfile3, libx11-6, libxau6, libxcb1, libxcb-render0, libxcb-shm0, libxcomposite1, libxcursor1, libxdamage1, libxdmcp6, libxext6, libxfixes3, libxi6, libxinerama1, libxml2, libxrandr2, libxrender1, zlib1g
  11. Description: This package provides an IKEv2 IPSec VPN plugin for strongswan
  12. Description-md5: 31abf1e375284c7ee36f25bf936125f1