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test-security-no-remote-status 751 B

support arch:all data e.g. in separate Packages file Based on a discussion with Niels Thykier who asked for Contents-all this implements apt trying for all architecture dependent files to get a file for the architecture all, which is treated internally now as an official architecture which is always around (like native). This way arch:all data can be shared instead of duplicated for each architecture requiring the user to download the same information again and again. There is one problem however: In Debian there is already a binary-all/ Packages file, but the binary-any files still include arch:all packages, so that downloading this file now would be a waste of time, bandwidth and diskspace. We therefore need a way to decide if it makes sense to download the all file for Packages in Debian or not. The obvious answer would be a special flag in the Release file indicating this, which would need to default to 'no' and every reasonable repository would override it to 'yes' in a few years time, but the flag would be there "forever". Looking closer at a Release file we see the field "Architectures", which doesn't include 'all' at the moment. With the idea outlined above that 'all' is a "proper" architecture now, we interpret this field as being authoritative in declaring which architectures are supported by this repository. If it says 'all', apt will try to get all, if not it will be skipped. This gives us another interesting feature: If I configure a source to download armel and mips, but it declares it supports only armel apt will now print a notice saying as much. Previously this was a very cryptic failure. If on the other hand the repository supports mips, too, but for some reason doesn't ship mips packages at the moment, this 'missing' file is silently ignored (= that is the same as the repository including an empty file). The Architectures field isn't mandatory through, so if it isn't there, we assume that every architecture is supported by this repository, which skips the arch:all if not listed in the release file.
5 years ago
  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. #
  3. # Test that packages from remote sources cannot set the Status field.
  4. #
  5. set -e
  6. TESTDIR="$(readlink -f "$(dirname "$0")")"
  7. . "$TESTDIR/framework"
  8. setupenvironment
  9. configarchitecture 'amd64'
  10. TMPDIR=$(readlink -f .)
  11. insertpackage 'unstable' 'pretends-installed' 'all' '1' 'Status: install ok installed'
  12. insertinstalledpackage 'really-installed' 'all' '1'
  13. setupaptarchive
  14. testequal "pretends-installed:
  15. Installed: (none)
  16. Candidate: 1
  17. Version table:
  18. 1 500
  19. 500 file:${TMPDIR}/aptarchive unstable/main all Packages" aptcache policy pretends-installed
  20. testequal "really-installed:
  21. Installed: 1
  22. Candidate: 1
  23. Version table:
  24. *** 1 100
  25. 100 ${TMPDIR}/rootdir/var/lib/dpkg/status" aptcache policy really-installed