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# -*- make -*-
# This is the top level make file for APT, it recurses to each lower
# level make file and runs it with the proper target
ifndef NOISY
.PHONY: default
default: startup all
.PHONY: headers library clean veryclean all binary program doc
all headers library clean veryclean binary program doc dirs:
$(MAKE) -C apt-pkg $@
$(MAKE) -C apt-inst $@
$(MAKE) -C methods $@
$(MAKE) -C cmdline $@
$(MAKE) -C ftparchive $@
$(MAKE) -C dselect $@
$(MAKE) -C doc $@
$(MAKE) -C po $@
# Some very common aliases
.PHONY: maintainer-clean dist-clean distclean pristine sanity
maintainer-clean dist-clean distclean pristine sanity: veryclean
# The startup target builds the necessary configure scripts. It should
# be used after a CVS checkout.
* merged daniels wonderful doxygen work Patches applied: * tag of * tag of * Generate Doxygen output in build/doc/doxygen if Doxygen is installed. * Partially document the acquire item objects. * Add an 'acquire' group to collect the stuff related to Acquire. * Don't pick up emacs autosaves when generating the list of doxygen inputs. * Don't include redundant scope information in the doxygen output. * Write more general Acquire documentation. * I don't know why, but stuff just appeared in my tree. * Write/edit more Acquire documentation. * Document pkgAcquire::ItemDesc and pkgAcquire::Queue. * Document UriIterator (left out documentation of the standard iterator operators). * Give pkgAcquire::Queue a brief description. * Add a brief description to pkgAcquire::Item. * Add a brief description to the DiffInfo class. * Document pkgAcquire::MethodConfig. * Document pkgAcquireStatus * Edit the pkgAcquire::Item documentation to be more in line with how Acquire is documented. * Document pkgAcqDiffIndex. * Document the Md5Hash parameter to pkgAcquire::Item::Done. * Fix a spelling error * Document pkgAcqIndexDiffs and fix up some previously written documentation. * Mark the brief descriptions in the acquire item documentation. * Add documentation about the format of the Message parameter to Done&friends. * Document pkgAcqIndex. * Document pkgAcqIndexTrans. * Autogenerate Doxyfile when is modified. * Check for graphviz in configure. * Fix the detection of dot. * If dot is detected, use it to build the documentation. * Argh, pot update. * Require graphviz when building the Debian packages. * Document IndexTarget. * Consistently capitalize the first word following \param. * Document pkgAcqMetaSig. * Be a bit clearer about just what a pkgAcquire::Item is. * Document pkgAcqMetaIndex. * Document pkgAcqArchive * Document pkgAcqFile * Apply patches from mvo * Update the Doxyfile template. * Enable BUILTIN_STL_SUPPORT. * Whoops: \e, not \i, is used to enable italics. * Editorial changes and clarifications to the documentation in acquire-item.h * Clean out the old doxygen output before generating new output. * Fix setting and using the DOT_PATH doxygen configuration parameter. * Make the documentation of ��pkgAcquire::MethodConfig::SendConfig somewhat more accurate. * Partially document pkgAcquire::Worker. * Finish documenting pkgAcquire::Worker * tag of * * some documentation updates * * apt-pkg/acquire-item.h: reviewed and some modifications * * minor doc update * * updated after the input from dburrows * tag of * * merged with apt--mvo--0 * * merged with apt--mvo * * updated apt-all.pot * * merged with apt--mvo * * merge with apt--mvo--0 * * merge with apt--mvo * * applied patch from Petr Vandrovec to fix http download corruption * * merged with apt--mvo, regenerated the po files * * merged with apt--mvo
17 years ago
CONVERTED=environment.mak include/config.h include/apti18n.h build/doc/Doxyfile makefile
include buildlib/configure.mak
$(BUILDDIR)/include/config.h: buildlib/
$(BUILDDIR)/include/apti18n.h: buildlib/
$(BUILDDIR)/environment.mak: buildlib/
$(BUILDDIR)/makefile: buildlib/