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- URL-Remap for the translation files (to hack around the problem that
they are not on any ftp server yet but only on
Here is the original announcement of the ddtp support:
* To:
* Subject: Translate files
* From: Michael Bramer <>
* Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 21:56:06 +0200
* Mail-followup-to:
* Message-id: <>
* Old-return-path: <>
* User-agent: Mutt/1.3.28i
Hello all
After some discussion between Anthony Towns (a ftpmaster), Jason
Gunthorpe (APT Developer) and some DDTP Coordinators we find a way to
transfer the translated package descriptions from the archive to the
The translated descriptions need to be downloadable befor any
installation process, like the other package meta information. We
choose a new file per languages with all translated package
descriptions. The package system can download one or more of this
files at 'apt-get update' time and know the translations.
The new files are names 'Translate-$lang' and the file have this
Package: &lt;package-name&gt;
Description-md5: &lt;the md5 checksum of the english description&gt;
Description-$lang.$encoding: &lt;translated headline&gt;
&lt;translated section&gt;
The encoding of the Description is 'UTF-8' in all languages normal.
The files will be located at 'debian/dists/sid/main/i18n/' on the ftp
server (for all architecture). In addition of the plain
'Translate-$lang' file, there will be a 'gz' and a 'bz2' version and
in future also the new incremental format version.
The &lt;the md5 checksum of the english description&gt; is the md5 checksum
of the full english description, without the 'Description: '-tag and
with all spaces and newlines. Look at this example:
Description: XXX
is md5(&quot;XXX\n YYY\n .\n ZZZ\n&quot;) (perl-syntax).
A future APT version will download one or some 'Translate-$lang'
file(s) at 'update'-time. After this download it show a translated
description instead of the english form, if it found a translated
description of the package with the right md5 chechsum. The environment
of the user will controlled this process (LANG, LANGUAGE, LC_MESSAGES,
etc). With this the package system will never show a outdated
The translations come all from the DDTP. A daily process on make new 'Translated-$lang' files and a script on
ftp-master request this files and move this to the debian archive.
Now the first files are accessible at
<a href=""></a>
If you found wrong translations, please read the guides on, make a better translation and send this per mail to
the DDTP server. Don't bug the package maintainer!
Michael Bramer - a Debian Linux Developer <a href=""></a>
PGP: finger -- Linux Sysadmin -- Use Debian Linux


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-- Real Problems
#24000: Bug in apt Version: 0.0.17-1bo0
Summary: Couldn't locate an archive source for a package
Status: Require Status file.
#24717: apt dies early if one postinst/preinst dies
Status: Requires dpkg modifications
#25104: APT should retry failed downloads
Summary: FTP method has problems with busy servers
Status: The 0.3.0 ftp method should probably use the configuration mechanism
to control this desired behavoir.
#25176: Problem with FTP/firewall
#25458: Problem with FTP/firewall
Summary: FTP method has no controls for firewalls
Status: The 0.3.0 ftp method should probably use the configuration mechanism
to control this desired behavoir.
-- Fixed but unclosed things
#25026: apt: Why do you list the packages you're _not_ doing anything to instead of the ones you are?
#22507: apt: apt-get - listing packages to be upgraded (wishlist)
Summary: Feature request
Status: Fixed in 0.3.0 via the -u option
#21113: [Apt] In dselect, update dies and exits if the packages file is not found.
Status: Fixed in 0.3.0
#22675: APT does not honor the --admin-dir option
#22836: Disk/Zip-Method for apt?
Summary: APT does not provide a way to download packages onto a
removable media for another computer
Status: 0.3.0 has substantially better support for this to the point
that it is doable by using a separate configuration file and
the -c option
#27601: srange errors from dselect
Summary: Couldn't locate an archive source
Status: Require status file
Believed to be fixed in 0.1.9, was not reproducible w/ given
status file
#27841: apt: apt depends on a missing library
Status: New versions of APT in slink have been compiled with libstdc++2.9
#23984: apt: support for "no_proxy" would be nice
Status: Planned to be integrated into the new methods via the configuration
Done - Use"DIRECT"
#25021: apt: Need some control over multiple connections
Status: Probable that 0.3.x will have support for configuing some
Done - Use Acquire::Queue-Mode="access"
#25019: apt: Confusing progress report
Summary: Gripes about the progress meter
Status: I do not intend to implement very many of these ideas in apt-get.
The GUI will naturally be better
I think the new progress meter address basically everyone's
#25022: apt: Lack of feedback on date checking
Summary: Wants to know what package files were not updated
Status: There is no place for this in the current apt-get design,
probably won't make the GUI either.
Wee, the new acquire code allows this, it now prints out 'Hit'
#26019: apt may report wrong line speed
#26433: apt: claims to fetch things it doesn't actually fetch (wishlist)
#28778: apt: apt's fetched message is wrong for update of packages files
Summary: APT includes the fetch time from the local cache in its
Status: Probably will be fixed with new acquire code
And it actually was fixed with the new acquire code
#26670: apt: apt-get dumps core after checking integrity
Summary: Some terminal environments cause APT to crash
Win95 telnet and emacs term-in-a-buffer are two at least
Status: I have no idea why.
Seems to be gone in .3, whatever it was...
#25001: apt: cleaned out archive even though not all files were installed
Status: Apparently in some cases APT can return a success code even
though it failed. I'm paying very close attention to this in
0.3.x. Not to mention that the clean behavior will be
#28391: apt-get install without upgrading
Summary: Make install leave the package in the keep state if it is already
Status: Will be implemented in 0.3.0
Try the --no-upgrade options
#28373: apt package is missing information on ftp.conf
#29293: apt: Docs reference apt(8) but apt(8) not provided.
Summary: The man pages have references to several non-existent items,
ftp.conf is only one of them.
Status: Fix the man pages. This certainly will be done in 0.3.0
#24799: Some suggestions for the apt method in dselect
Summary: Wants to be able to specifiy -d from dselect
Status: Likely a APT_OPTIONS environment variable will be created, -d can
be put there.
There is already an APT_CONFIG in 0.3, APT_OPTIONS may also
Use Dselect::Options "-d" and others
#29920: Wish for more verbosity on "has no installation candidate"
Summary: More reports
Status: Already fixed in .3
#29382: apt: apt deletes packages after installation without any question
Summary: Obvois.
Status: Fixed in .3, use Dselect::Clean "prompt"
#30027: apt: version comparison bug
Summary: Version compare differs from dpkg
Status: Fixed in all CVS versions.
#30260: apt: wishlist: do not return to main menu without prompting for return
Summary: Wants to prompt after dselect update
Status: Fixed in v3, use dselect::promptafterupdate "true";
#29441: documenting the codes for -s
Summary: Apparently the simulation output is not immediately obvois
Status: Someone should update the man page.
#24685: HTTP Proxy cache refresh
Summary: Some caches hold onto the package index file for too long
Status: It may be possible to insert the proper header to disable
caching but I can't think how to do this while allowing
the cache to return cached objects - in effect it would
completely disable the cache which may not be desired.
APT now sends a max age header. See the apt.conf(5)
#28172: HTTP Proxy cache refresh should be forced for corrupted packages
Summary: Some problem resulted in a corrupted package
Status: I believe this reflects a deeper problem and the suggested solution
is only a band-aide patch. I intend to close this bug when #24685
is fixed with a configuration directive.
Use -o acquire::http::no-cache=true
#29351: poor error message after conffile update
Summary: APT errors when the package file is not found
Status: The new APT warns better and the error is not fatal
#30112: apt: internal error in apt
Summary: APT gives an unclear error when it cannot correct dependencies
Status: Error is clearer
#30324: apt-get lying about file dates in /var/state/apt/lists
Summary: Doesn't copy the file dates right with file URIs
Status: Fixed in v3
#30383: apt: dist-upgrade msg "E: Internal error, ScoredFix generated breaks."
Summary: libc6 maddness causes bizzar problems
Status: Fixed in v3
#29983: apt: Wrong diagnostic, could be better
Summary: It doesn't explicy say you should be root
Status: Fixed in v3
#22892: Apt improvements
Summary: Bails if an index file can't be found
Status: Fixed in v3
#28184: apt could be smarter regarding mirrors
Summary: Make use of redundant sources
Status: 0.3.0 will likely do this, already the information for it is stored.
#27646: Apt: dpkg --merge-avail
Summary: Suggestion to call merge avail after each update operation
Status: Unlikely. The dpkg --print-avail functions should be obsoleted
by the apt-query program which should be written.
Use the dselect script, alias or something.
#26663: rsync file access
Status: Unlikely, rsync does not provide the necessary support to be
a terribly good method. I do not intend any 'split mode'
support (ie a way to get Package files via rsync and .debs
via http)
#27100: apt: Better support for project/experimental
Status: GUI Feature - Version selection and pinning
Honors the NotAutomatic flag
#30643: base: apt-get update problems with http-/ftp-caches (i.e. squid)
Status: Fixed as best I can. Try the Acquire::http::No-Cache option.
-- Silly things
#26592: apt: Problems with ftpd in SunOS 5.6
#29903: apt-get insists onto sending a SIZE command
Summary: SunOS ftpd does not support the SIZE command
Status: Probably not worth fixing
#20723: Apt suggestion
Summary: Package Grouping Mechanism
Status: Who knows
#22550: apt-get upgrade could configure packages earlier
Status: Who knows
#23934: apt-get source <package>
#27190: apt: installing source packages (wishlist)
Status: Impossible to do without an index file for all source archives.
#22551: apt: wish: use dist X iff pkg does not exist in dist Y
Status: GUI Feature - Version selection and pinning
#30237: apt: 0.1.9 checks dependencies against packages.gz
Summary: For packages with identical version numbers APT prefers
to use the archive index files
Status: Yes it is sorta bad, but there is no reasonable solution.