137 Commits (3de4647b39216259678f40f4bf6e8122acd923b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Kalnischkies 3de4647b39 - show in (r)depends the canidate per default instead of newest 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies a5032f8423 add APT::Cache::ShowOnlyFirstOr option to print only the first 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 8fde723961 * apt-pkg/cacheset.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies fe1af091b8 * cmdline/apt-cache.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 320352e004 give the APT::Cache::Generate option her effect back 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies c340d18512 do not override the user set quiet setting even if the target is not a tty 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 65beb5720f print all messages if the application is in an interactive run 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de c4fc2fd7fa Switch FileFd to not transparently gunzip, since that breaks code which expects the compressed contents to stay (such as the copy backend, or when using file:// repositories. Instead, introduce a new ReadOnlyGzip mode and use that where needed 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 313678129b * cmdline/apt-get.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 3c97724569 use the GroupedFromCommandLine() method in the dotty and xvcg command 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 07c279d93f do not fail if an unrelated error is pending in DisplayRecord() 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 6ebaae9a5d accept package versions in the unmet command 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 292f5b8770 apt-cache show --no-all-versions should issues the Candidate 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 9f1f17ccd4 Don't increase the commandline parameter in the library but in the 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies f44a05ff64 add --target-release option (Closes: #115520) 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 0588779fb2 Add a option to apt-cache policy to additionally init the DepCache before 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies d9eb210edd use pkgCacheFile and the new CacheSets all over the place 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 7959c5eda8 rename packageset into cacheset while it is not too late 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies d5cc17d6c2 * cmdline/apt-cache.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 4c265635a8 i managed to commit broken code… which (at least in my mind) worked 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 78c3259686 move cmdline parsing from apt-cache to new FromCommandLine method 11 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode 6007c1d41d Move the showauto command to apt-cache and sort output. 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 173ae2a460 use GroupCount for package names in stats and add a package struct line 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies ca964703dd * cmdline/apt-cache.cc: 11 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode 0458a81120 cmdline/apt-cache.cc: Change behavior of showsrc to match the one of show (Closes: #512046). 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 75ce206243 move ShowPkg() from apt-get to the PkgIterator and rename it to FullName() 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 803ea2a87f Add yet another pseudo package which isn't as pseudo as the others: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 6293e04ff3 display the architecture of the package if it is not the default 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 46e39c8e14 * French manpage translation update 12 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 24b9038634 remove translatable marker from the "%4i %s\n" string in apt-cache.cc 12 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 034960416c [cmdline/apt-cache.cc] fix a memory leak in the xvcg method 12 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode e68ca10071 Support /etc/apt/preferences.d (Closes: #535512) 12 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 92fcbfc163 add the various foldmarkers in apt-pkg & cmdline (no code change) 12 years ago
  Eugene V. Lyubimkin 2c120e2409 Re-applied apt-cache built-in help fixes. 13 years ago
  Eugene V. Lyubimkin c8921a97bf Uncommitted built-in help for apt-cache for Lenny. 13 years ago
  Eugene V. Lyubimkin 6013c6f4f0 Fixed typo. 13 years ago
  Eugene V. Lyubimkin c94dd3c6a6 Advanced apt-cache.cc's built-in help. 13 years ago
  Michael Vogt 3c8cda8b05 fix various -Wall warnings 13 years ago
  Michael Vogt 78acd6505b * cmdline/apt-cache.cc: 13 years ago
  Michael Vogt 9b5d79ec68 fix various -Wall warnings 13 years ago
  Michael Vogt 5aa95c863d * Apply --important option to apt-cache depends (LP: #16947) 13 years ago
  Michael Vogt 7146a53c4c * cmdline/apt-cache.cc: 13 years ago
  bubulle@debian.org 12bffed793 Fix some strings and unfuzzy translations. Closes: #466845 13 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 5b28c80407 * Applied patch from Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org> to fix wrong 14 years ago
  Ian Jackson 308c7d30ed initial Breaks implementation 15 years ago
  Michael Vogt 03cd434bba * make apt-cache madion wotk without deb-src lines 16 years ago
  Michael Vogt 012b102ad1 * ABI/API change: add "VerIterator::TranslatedDescription()" method to make the life of the api user easier 16 years ago
  Michael Vogt 487d7faaa8 * fix a off-by-one error when showing the description 16 years ago
  Michael Vogt e011829d87 * updated with mainline 16 years ago
  Michael Vogt eb0a335ea2 * added a missing OpProgress::Done() in depCache::Init(), removed the show-virtual-packages patch in apt-cache because matt does not like him :/ 16 years ago