13 Commits (685625bd308f62a382aaf61f1621a18b9441edfd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  martin@piware.de 9a3a552a28 test-indexes.sh: EXFAIL: file:/ URIs currently decompress even with the GzipIndexes option; not a big deal for now 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de c19625e7dc test-indexes.sh: Test handling of local file:// archives 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 594bfe6a9f test-indexes.sh: quiesce apt-get source; we know that we cannot verify package signatures 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 0311890f60 test-indexes.sh: Also test compressed index mode with apt.conf.d file 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de eee5ab3cb4 test-indexes.sh: Just for paranoia, test that apt-cache is still working after apt-get update with previously existing indexes 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 321798bedb test-indexes.sh: fix check_indexes call in compressed mode 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 08abac551a test-indexes.sh: Actually test for non/pre-existing indexes in compressed mode 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 81563bc11a test-indexes: Use /etc/apt from temporary work dir, not from system 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 2aab191f2a test-indexes.sh: Refactor common code into functions 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 8d60bef0c2 test-indexes.sh: More verbose failures on wrong/missing indexes 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 8d48388ebf test/test-indexes.sh: Stop hardcoding archive gpg key ID, get it from first failed apt-get update output 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de f4782b4284 test-indexes.sh: Add source related tests, which uncovers two regressions 11 years ago
  martin@piware.de 31e1187be4 * Add test/test-indexes.sh: 11 years ago