13 Commits (7014e1482942d00b66eb30061b0cf5d2a7b3ebf3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael Vogt 7014e14829 * enable release based selection for deb-src (closes: 731102) 9 years ago
David Kalnischkies b9dadc24b9 revert 2184.1.3: forward declaration instead of headers 11 years ago
David Kalnischkies 472ff00ef2 use forward declaration in headers if possible instead of includes 11 years ago
David Kalnischkies 8f3ba4e870 do not pollute namespace in the headers with using (Closes: #500198) 11 years ago
David Kalnischkies 650faab016 Support large files in the complete toolset. Indexes of this 11 years ago
David Kalnischkies 1ddb859611 * apt-pkg/indexrecords.cc: 12 years ago
David Kalnischkies e1430400bf * apt-pkg/indexrecords.{cc,h}: 12 years ago
Michael Vogt 495e5cb254 * implement sha256/sha1/md5 checking with proper backward compatibility 15 years ago
Michael Vogt be009af27a * remove the remaining #ifdef __GNUG__ bits 16 years ago
Michael Vogt 1350057372 * removed the pragma mess 16 years ago
Matt Zimmerman a75c6a6e17 Move CD-ROM handling backend into libapt-pkg 18 years ago
Michael Vogt b3d44315ee * merged changes from the conference 18 years ago
Matt Zimmerman 7db98ffced Merge apt--authentication--0 18 years ago