14 Commits (8f40076991ecc89ab1e3c486da2696a44c285f18)

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Michael Vogt 8f40076991 * apt-pkg/indexfile.cc: 12 years ago
Michael Vogt 0d6c5e7dcb * apt-pkg/indexfile.cc: 13 years ago
David Kalnischkies 92fcbfc163 add the various foldmarkers in apt-pkg & cmdline (no code change) 13 years ago
Otavio Salvador bc36c37bdb * Fix compilation warnings: 15 years ago
Michael Vogt 4f333a8bea * make apt build with g++ 4.3 15 years ago
Michael Vogt cce08fb5ac * remove all the remaining #pragma implementation 15 years ago
Michael Vogt e0c4f06387 * apt-pkg/indexfile.cc: 16 years ago
Michael Vogt 770c32ec85 * code cleanups (thanks matt!), moved UsePackage before the description list build in pkgcachegen to catch MMap errors early 17 years ago
Michael Vogt 0430b189a2 * try harder to get the correct language code 17 years ago
Otavio Salvador a52f938bcf Port DDTP to APT 0.6 branch 18 years ago
Michael Vogt b3d44315ee * merged changes from the conference 18 years ago
Matt Zimmerman 7db98ffced Merge apt--authentication--0 18 years ago
Arch Librarian b2e465d6d3 Join with aliencode 18 years ago