1 Commits (930e2df52dc637039c1845905d79ce525faeb8ca)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Julian Andres Klode 930e2df52d Skip test-apt-download-progress 4 years ago
  David Kalnischkies e1ae0531bf optional write aptwebserver log to client specific files 4 years ago
  David Kalnischkies b58e2c7c56 prevent C++ locale number formatting in text APIs 5 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode df70a3ba7f test-apt-download-progress: Use a larger file for testing 5 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode dea8713142 Make test-apt-download-progress less flaky 5 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 3abb6a6a1e tests: support spaces in path and TMPDIR 5 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode 56873870ce test-apt-download-progress: Run the https test multiple times 5 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode c95c96746d test-apt-download-progress: Limit rate to 600k 5 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode 5146566b02 test-apt-download-progress: Allow smaller progress change 5 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 6c0765c096 tests: don't use hardcoded port for http and https 6 years ago
  Daniel Hartwig ad42ed4698 replace direct calls to egrep with grep -E 6 years ago
  David Kalnischkies fec5555945 fix download-file using testcases to run as root 6 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 34faa8f7ae calculate hashes while downloading in https 6 years ago
  Michael Vogt d01fa80606 test/integration/test-apt-download-progress: fix test failure on fast hardware 6 years ago
  Michael Vogt d13f2ef5dd Add regression test for the previous commit 6 years ago