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  David Kalnischkies c427b1e218 * apt-pkg/algorithms.cc: 10 years ago
  bubulle@debian.org 0957a13baf * German update by Holger Wansing. Closes: #603619 10 years ago
  Michael Vogt f120d18c37 merged from lp:~pitti/apt/compressed-indexes 10 years ago
  Michael Vogt ba428c1dbd releasing version 0.8.9 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 5c246b9920 * cmdline/acqprogress.cc: 11 years ago
  bubulle@debian.org c79cb79f5c ! German update by Holger Wansing. Closes: #603619 11 years ago
  Martin Pitt d88a49c830 * test/integration/test-compressed-indexes, test/test-indexes.sh: 11 years ago
  bubulle@debian.org 3cf1e4b50a Slovenian update by Andrej Žnidaršič and Rosetta Slovenian team 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 996c6447ae * cmdline/acqprogress.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 88b62c5b3d merged from donkult 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies edbda33bde * apt-pkg/depcache.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies a3f1a6ccd2 * apt-pkg/algorithms.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies eb3947c651 evaluate Acquire::Languages= before LANG= (Closes: #602573) 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 543b0abfa5 * apt-pkg/orderlist.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 037454791f * apt-pkg/aptconfiguration.cc: 11 years ago
  bubulle@debian.org c1c49795f4 Drop useless untranslatable sections from apt.8 11 years ago
  bubulle@debian.org ad3e5dc54d Fix "typos" in French manpages translations. Thanks to 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 71626337ad * apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt f71b3b984f merged from donkult 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt c1fa50e150 * apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt fd8bb61d29 * apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 4b625b95a0 * apt-pkg/pkgcache.cc: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 1c493315c5 dpkg doesn't like underscores in versions anymore (=it fails) so our 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 4260fd3972 * apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 95fe33dc13 releasing version 0.8.7 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt eb5b694a73 * doc/examples/apt-https-method-example.conf: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 0750e90da1 merged from lp:~pitti/apt/compressed-indexes 11 years ago
  Martin Pitt 915f052064 add test case for having no indexes, and fix regression in that case 11 years ago
  Olly Betts 8b35a3aca2 * doc/examples/apt-https-method-example.conf: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 5a66868c03 merged from http://code.launchpad.net/~donkult/apt/sid 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies a5c486e061 * doc/apt-verbatim.ent: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 0c1a7101fd * doc/apt.ent: 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 2faaf8bea8 merge with debian-sid 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt be61b563c2 merged FileFd::Size() fix from lp:~mvo/apt/mvo 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 44dc669e08 apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.cc: fix FileFd::Size() for files that are empty or for non-gzip files 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 61153c284c merged from debian-sid branch 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 6bea738672 * apt-pkg/deb/debindexfile.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 94eb3bee53 test/integration/framework: set proper dir::state::status 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 9962ae934b tests/integration/test-*: remove a bunch of "local" that are used outside funtions (bash complains) 11 years ago
  Martin Pitt e344c4a7a1 fix changelog typo 11 years ago
  Martin Pitt eff581c2d4 merge from trunk 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 5e7da0b444 doc/po/fr.po: refreshed after running make 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt ea38b1e608 * apt-pkg/deb/debsystem.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 940ff5d6b5 apt-pkg/deb/debsystem.cc: remove duplicated rootdir (FindFile will prepend the rootdir later anyway) 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt c988fe215b * revert commit: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 0497fc4c09 * debian/apt.cron.daily: 11 years ago
  Martin Pitt 9c182afa04 * apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.cc: 11 years ago
  Martin Pitt 5473df3fec * apt-pkg/deb/debindexfile.cc: 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 4b2a4ab8ab merge fix for testrun on amd64 11 years ago
  Sebastian Andrzej Siewior 3b9c5cc2bd * apt-pkg/deb/deblistparser.cc: 11 years ago