49 Commits (c4862d49bbc30c37f4fca966ac515692e26d93be)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Kalnischkies c4862d49bb Fix typos reported by codespell & spellintian 2 years ago
  Guillem Jover 164f1b78d1 Remove obsolete RCS keywords 3 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode 87274d0f22 Reformat and sort all includes with clang-format 4 years ago
  Dominic Benson 51018e947a Check for cached hash entries to determine which (if any) hash types 5 years ago
  David Kalnischkies d5a46051cb do not generate bogus hashes if hash is disabled in apt-ftparchive 5 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 3d8232bf97 fix memory leaks reported by -fsanitize 6 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 9224ce3d4d calculate only expected hashes in methods 6 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 31be38d205 128 KiB DSC files ought to be enough for everyone 6 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 23397c9d7d promote filesize to a hashstring 6 years ago
  David Kalnischkies bf3ad91fdf fix: warning: extra ‘;’ [-Wpedantic] 6 years ago
  Michael Vogt 243b2a381f Add compat mode for old (32bit FileSize) CacheDB (LP: #1274466) 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt 21ea1dbb50 use free() instead of delete() when realloc is used 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies a311fb96b8 deal with hashes in ftparchive more dynamic as well 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt acea28d0a3 fix regression from commit 215b0faf 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt cf6bbca0a9 ensure "--db" also works with the new srcpkgdb 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt 37497bd5fa refactor _InitQuery() 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt 53ba4e2c2d ensure clean works 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt 215b0faf7b refactor to make OpenFile/OpenDebFile more robust 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt 0a3b93fc3d add test for binary cachedb and contents generation 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt ce928105d7 Implement CacheDB for source packages in apt-ftparchive 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 453b82a388 cleanup headers and especially #includes everywhere 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies a00a9b44a1 ensure that apti18n.h is included last as advertised (Closes: #671623) 9 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 109eb1511d try to avoid direct usage of .Fd() if possible and do read()s and co 9 years ago
  Michael Vogt 324fc8af29 * ftparchive/cachedb.cc: 9 years ago
  Michael Vogt 76ef756a6b ftparchive/cachedb.cc: rewrite to fix the fixed length field 9 years ago
  Michael Vogt a52d11fbc1 * ftparchive/cachedb.cc: 9 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 472ff00ef2 use forward declaration in headers if possible instead of includes 9 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 8f3ba4e870 do not pollute namespace in the headers with using (Closes: #500198) 9 years ago
  David Kalnischkies ea54214002 reorder includes: add <config.h> if needed and include it at first 9 years ago
  Michael Vogt 84a0890e6e move sha512,256 into apt-pkg/sha2.{cc,h}, move gifford implementation to sha2_internal.{cc,h} 10 years ago
  Michael Vogt 9a961efc5c add sha512 support to apt-ftparchive 10 years ago
  David Kalnischkies ca4907db7c fix a few typos in strings, comments and manpage of apt-ftparchive 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies c6474fb6ff fix a few typos in strings, comments and manpage of apt-ftparchive 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 9209ec4701 tell every method in ftparchive/ that const& is sexy 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies ff574e76be add APT::FTPArchive::AlwaysStat to disable the too aggressive 11 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 2a5f8389bd fix compiler warning: suggest parentheses around && within || in cachedb 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt 09fab2442c * apt-pkg/contrib/strutl.cc: 12 years ago
  Michael Vogt 1e2acb1a23 * ftparchive/cachedb.cc: 12 years ago
  Michael Vogt e2074725f9 ftparchive/cachedb.cc: compact() the database after c_del() 12 years ago
  Michael Vogt cce08fb5ac * remove all the remaining #pragma implementation 14 years ago
  Michael Vogt 592b401af9 * ftparchive/cachedb.cc: 15 years ago
  Michael Vogt eb2bc4f206 * give a useful error message for the database change 15 years ago
  Michael Vogt cde41ae88e * added ajs patch 15 years ago
  Arch Librarian c9569a1eda * Build apt-ftparchive with libdb4.2 rather than libdb2 16 years ago
  Arch Librarian dc738e7ae6 Lots and lots of i18n updates. 16 years ago
  Arch Librarian 9bfe66dc80 Missed one st_mtime. 16 years ago
  Arch Librarian c53766c774 s/st_mtime/mtime/ on our local stat structure in apt-ft... 16 years ago
  Arch Librarian 812f4169fe G++3 fixes from Randolph 16 years ago
  Arch Librarian b2e465d6d3 Join with aliencode 16 years ago