19 Commits (c4862d49bbc30c37f4fca966ac515692e26d93be)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Guillem Jover 164f1b78d1 Remove obsolete RCS keywords 3 years ago
  Julian Andres Klode 87274d0f22 Reformat and sort all includes with clang-format 4 years ago
  Michael Vogt 6c50447eb4 reduce delta from ubuntu 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 453b82a388 cleanup headers and especially #includes everywhere 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 655122418d warning: unused parameter ‘foo’ [-Wunused-parameter] 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies d3e8fbb395 warning: extra ‘;’ [-Wpedantic] 7 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 62d8a765b9 rework some code to fix some scan-build warnings 7 years ago
  Michael Vogt 1c946b5766 ftparchive/override.cc: fix "skip empty lines" code, the pointer needs to get de-referenced first 8 years ago
  David Kalnischkies a00a9b44a1 ensure that apti18n.h is included last as advertised (Closes: #671623) 9 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 650faab016 Support large files in the complete toolset. Indexes of this 10 years ago
  David Kalnischkies ea54214002 reorder includes: add <config.h> if needed and include it at first 10 years ago
  David Kalnischkies f7f0d6c756 cppcheck complains about some possible speed improvements which could be 10 years ago
  David Kalnischkies 9209ec4701 tell every method in ftparchive/ that const& is sexy 11 years ago
  Michael Vogt cce08fb5ac * remove all the remaining #pragma implementation 14 years ago
  Michael Vogt 0b41e0e790 * merged apt--bts225947--0 16 years ago
  Matt Zimmerman 29ba053e05 Merge with mvo 16 years ago
  Arch Librarian dc738e7ae6 Lots and lots of i18n updates. 17 years ago
  Arch Librarian 64177f1732 AJ's patch for extra override 17 years ago
  Arch Librarian b2e465d6d3 Join with aliencode 17 years ago