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Julian Andres Klode b2fcaa39ca CMake/Translations: Replace master with primary 2 months ago
CheckCxxTarget.cmake Allow FMV SSE4.2 detection to succeed on clang 4 months ago
Documentation.cmake Use "po4a --porefs file" instead of undocumented compat noline 4 months ago
FindBerkeleyDB.cmake CMake: Handle Berkeley DB on FreeBSD 4 years ago
FindGcrypt.cmake hashes: Use Libgcrypt for hashing purposes 8 months ago
FindIconv.cmake CMake: Add missing iconv dependency 4 years ago
FindLFS.cmake CMake: Add Large File Support 4 years ago
FindLZ4.cmake CMake: Add FindLZ4 and FindLZMA 4 years ago
FindLZMA.cmake CMake: Add FindLZ4 and FindLZMA 4 years ago
FindSeccomp.cmake Sandbox methods with seccomp-BPF; except cdrom, gpgv, rsh 2 years ago
FindSystemd.cmake Prevent shutdown while running dpkg 1 year ago
FindUdev.cmake Directly link against libudev on Linux systems 3 years ago
FindZstd.cmake apt-pkg: Add support for zstd 2 years ago
Misc.cmake CMake: Rename add_slaves() to add_links() 2 months ago
Translations.cmake CMake/Translations: Replace master with primary 1 month ago Stub out i18n methods for -DUSE_NLS=OFF 4 months ago Only define likely/unlikely if APT_COMPILING_APT set 8 months ago CMake: Handle endian.h locations on other platforms 4 years ago CMake: Rewrite existing Documentation support and add doxygen 4 years ago Add to CMake directory 4 years ago
vendor_substitute.cmake CMake: Improve handling of vendor files 4 years ago