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David Kalnischkies 0dd19915f4 call dpkg with --no-triggers by default 6 years ago
.. prevent C++ locale number formatting in text APIs 6 years ago
debindexfile.h reimplement build-dep via apts normal resolver 6 years ago reinstalling local deb file is no downgrade 6 years ago
deblistparser.h convert Version() and Architecture() to APT::StringView 6 years ago allow arch=all to override No-Support-for-Architecture-all 6 years ago
debmetaindex.h add insecure (and weak) allow-options for sources.list 6 years ago ensure filesize of deb is included in the hashes list 6 years ago
debrecords.h add c++11 override marker to overridden methods 7 years ago support "install ./foo.changes" 6 years ago
debsrcrecords.h support "install ./foo.changes" 6 years ago don't hardcode /var/lib/dpkg/status as dir::state::status 6 years ago
debsystem.h provide public interface to hold/unhold packages 6 years ago Cleanup includes after running iwyu 7 years ago
debversion.h Annotate more methods with APT_OVERRIDE 7 years ago call dpkg with --no-triggers by default 6 years ago
dpkgpm.h select remove/purge packages early on for dpkg 6 years ago