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# -*- make -*-
# This will compile the gettext message catalogues.
# The other make files drop file lists in build/po/domains/DOMAIN/* which
# is then picked up by this make file to define all the domains and all the
# source files that compose each domain. It then produces the POT files
# and then filters the PO files through the per-domain POT file to create
# the input to msgformat, which is then dumped into a locale directory.
# Bring in the default rules
include ../buildlib/defaults.mak
CATALOGS := $(addsuffix .gmo,$(shell cat LINGUAS))
DOMAINS := $(notdir $(wildcard $(PO_DOMAINS)/*))
POTFILES := $(addsuffix .pot,$(addprefix $(PO)/,$(DOMAINS)))
# Construct a list of all mo files for all domains under $(PO_DOMAINS)
MOFILES := $(patsubst,,$(CATALOGS))
MOFILES := $(foreach D,$(DOMAINS),$(addprefix $(PO_DOMAINS)/$(D)/,$(MOFILES)))
LANG_POFILES := $(patsubst,%.po,$(MOFILES))
LINGUAS := $(patsubst,%,$(CATALOGS))
GETDOMAIN = $(word 1,$(subst /, ,$(1)))
# Generate the list of files from the bits the other make files dropped
# and produce the .pot file.
$(POTFILES) : $(PO)/%.pot :
printf "%s " "Generating POT file $@"
echo $@ : $(wildcard $(PO)/domains/$*/*.*list) $(addprefix $(BASE)/,$(shell cat $(wildcard $(PO)/domains/$*/*.srclist))) > $@.d
# From sh source
cat $(PO)/domains/$*/*.shlist 2> /dev/null | (cd $(BASE) && xargs -n1 bash --dump-po-strings) > $(PO)/domains/$*/sh.pot
# From C/C++ source
cat $(PO)/domains/$*/*.srclist > $(PO)/POTFILES_$*.in
$(XGETTEXT) --default-domain=$* --directory=$(BASE) \
--add-comments --foreign --keyword=_ --keyword=N_ \
--files-from=$(PO)/POTFILES_$*.in -o $(PO)/domains/$*/c.pot
rm -f $(PO)/POTFILES_$*.in
$(MSGCOMM) --more-than=0 $(PO)/domains/$*/c.pot $(PO)/domains/$*/sh.pot --output=$@
$(PACKAGE)-all.pot: $(POTFILES)
$(MSGCOMM) --more-than=0 $(POTFILES) --output=$@
# Filter the complete translation with the domain specific file to produce
# only the subtext needed for this domain
# We cannot express the dependencies required for this directly with a pattern
# rule, so we use the .d hack.
$(LANG_POFILES) : $(PO_DOMAINS)/%.po : $(PACKAGE)-all.pot
printf "%s " "Generating $@"
echo $@ : $(notdir $@) $(PO)/$(call GETDOMAIN,$*).pot > $(PO)/$(call GETDOMAIN,$*)_$(notdir $@).d
$(MSGMERGE) $(notdir $@) $(PO)/$(call GETDOMAIN,$*).pot -o $@
printf "%s: " "Generating $(LOCALE)/$(notdir $*)/LC_MESSAGES/$(call GETDOMAIN,$*).mo"
$(GMSGFMT) --statistics -o $@ $<
mkdir -p $(LOCALE)/$(notdir $*)/LC_MESSAGES/
cp $@ $(LOCALE)/$(notdir $*)/LC_MESSAGES/$(call GETDOMAIN,$*).mo
for i in *.pot *.po; do echo -n "$$i: "; msgfmt --statistics $$i; done
binary: $(POTFILES) $(PACKAGE)-all.pot $(MOFILES)
.PHONY: update-po
update-po: $(PACKAGE)-all.pot
for lang in ${LINGUAS}; do\
echo "Updating $$lang.po"; \
$(MSGMERGE) $$lang.po $(PACKAGE)-all.pot -o $$; \
cmp $$ $$lang.po || cp $$ $$lang.po; \
rm -f $$; \
clean: clean/local
rm -f $(MOFILES) $(LANG_POFILES) $(PO)/*.d
# Include the dependencies that are available
The_DFiles = $(wildcard $(PO)/*.d)
ifneq ($(words $(The_DFiles)),0)
include $(The_DFiles)