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#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include "private-cachefile.h"
// forward declaration
class pkgCacheFile;
class CacheFile;
class pkgCache;
class pkgDepCache;
class pkgRecords;
extern std::ostream c0out;
extern std::ostream c1out;
extern std::ostream c2out;
extern std::ofstream devnull;
extern unsigned int ScreenWidth;
bool InitOutput();
void ListSingleVersion(pkgCacheFile &CacheFile, pkgRecords &records,
pkgCache::VerIterator V, std::ostream &out,
bool include_summary=true);
// helper to describe global state
bool ShowList(std::ostream &out, std::string Title, std::string List,
std::string VersionsList);
void ShowBroken(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache,bool Now);
void ShowNew(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
void ShowDel(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
void ShowKept(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
void ShowUpgraded(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
bool ShowDowngraded(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
bool ShowHold(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
bool ShowEssential(std::ostream &out,CacheFile &Cache);
void Stats(std::ostream &out, pkgDepCache &Dep);
// prompting
bool YnPrompt(bool Default=true);
bool AnalPrompt(const char *Text);