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/* This file is an index of all APT configuration directives. It should
NOT actually be used as a real config file, though it is (except for the
last line) a completely valid file. Most of the options have sane default
values, unless you have specific needs you should NOT include arbitrary
items in a custom configuration.
In some instances involving filenames it is possible to set the default
directory when the path is evaluated. This means you can use relative
paths within the sub scope.
The configuration directives are specified in a tree with {} designating
a subscope relative to the tag before the {}. You can further specify
a subscope using scope notation eg,
APT::Architecture "i386";
This is prefixed with the current scope. Scope notation must be used
if an option is specified on the command line with -o.
quiet "0";
// Options for APT in general
Architecture "i386";
Build-Essential "build-essential";
NeverAutoRemove { "linux-image.*"; }; // packages that should never
// considered for autoRemove
// Options for apt-get
Arch-Only "false";
AllowUnauthenticated "false";
AutomaticRemove "false";
HideAutoRemove "false";
Download-Only "false";
Simulate "false";
Assume-Yes "false";
Force-Yes "false"; // I would never set this.
Fix-Broken "false";
Fix-Missing "false";
Show-Upgraded "false";
Show-Versions "false";
Upgrade "true";
Print-URIs "false";
Compile "false";
Download "true";
Purge "false";
List-Cleanup "true";
ReInstall "false";
Trivial-Only "false";
Remove "true";
Only-Source "";
Diff-Only "false";
Tar-Only "false";
Build-Dep-Automatic "true";
Show-User-Simulation-Note "true";
Important "false";
AllVersions "false";
GivenOnly "false";
RecurseDepends "false";
ShowFull "false";
Generate "true";
NamesOnly "false";
AllNames "false";
Installed "false";
Rename "false";
NoMount "false";
Fast "false";
NoAct "false";
Pre-Invoke {"touch /var/lib/apt/pre-update-stamp"; };
Post-Invoke {"touch /var/lib/apt/post-update-stamp"; };
TrustCDROM "false"; // consider the CDROM always trusted
TrustedKeyring "/etc/apt/trusted.gpg";
// Some general options
Ignore-Hold "false";
Clean-Installed "true";
Immediate-Configure "true"; // DO NOT turn this off, see the man page
Force-LoopBreak "false"; // DO NOT turn this on, see the man page
Cache-Limit "4194304";
Default-Release "";
// consider Recommends, Suggests as important dependencies that should
// be installed by default
Install-Recommends "true";
Install-Suggests "false";
// consider dependencies of packages in this section manual
Never-MarkAuto-Sections {"metapackages"; "universe/metapackages"; };
// Write progress messages on this fd (for stuff like base-config)
Status-Fd "-1";
// Keep the list of FDs open (normally apt closes all fds when it
// does a ExecFork)
Keep-Fds {};
// control parameters for cron jobs by /etc/cron.daily/apt
BackupArchiveInterval "0";
// - Backup after n-days if archive contents changed.(0=disable)
BackupLevel "3";
// - Backup level.(0=disable), 1 is invalid.
// APT::Archives::MaxAge "0"; (old, deprecated)
MaxAge "0"; // (new)
// - Set maximum allowed age of a cache package file. If a cache
// package file is older it is deleted (0=disable)
// APT::Archives::MinAge "2"; (old, deprecated)
MinAge "2"; // (new)
// - Set minimum age of a package file. If a file is younger it
// will not be deleted (0=disable). Usefull to prevent races
// and to keep backups of the packages for emergency.
// APT::Archives::MaxSize "0"; (old, deprecated)
MaxSize "0"; // (new)
// - Set maximum size of the cache in MB (0=disable). If the cache
// is bigger, cached package files are deleted until the size
// requirement is met (the biggest packages will be deleted
// first).
Update-Package-Lists "0";
// - Do "apt-get update" automatically every n-days (0=disable)
Download-Upgradeable-Packages "0";
// - Do "apt-get upgrade --download-only" every n-days (0=disable)
Unattended-Upgrade "0";
// - Run the "unattended-upgrade" security upgrade script
// every n-days (0=disabled)
// Requires the package "unattended-upgrades" and will write
// a log in /var/log/unattended-upgrades
AutocleanInterval "0";
// - Do "apt-get autoclean" every n-days (0=disable)
Verbose "0";
// - Send report mail to root
// 0: no report (or null string)
// 1: progress report (actually any string)
// 2: + command outputs (remove -qq, remove 2>/dev/null, add -d)
// 3: + trace on
// Options for the downloading routines
Queue-Mode "host"; // host|access
Retries "0";
Source-Symlinks "true";
PDiffs "true"; // try to get the IndexFile diffs
// HTTP method configuration
Proxy ""; "DIRECT"; // Specific per-host setting
Timeout "120";
Pipeline-Depth "5";
AllowRedirect "true";
// Cache Control. Note these do not work with Squid 2.0.2
No-Cache "false";
Max-Age "86400"; // 1 Day age on index files
No-Store "false"; // Prevent the cache from storing archives
Dl-Limit "7"; // 7Kb/sec maximum download rate
// HTTPS method configuration:
// - uses the http proxy config
// - uses the http cache-control values
// - uses the http Dl-Limit values
Verify-Peer "false";
SslCert "/etc/apt/some.pem";
CaPath "/etc/ssl/certs";
Verify-Host" "true";
AllowRedirect "true";
Proxy ""; "DIRECT"; // Specific per-host setting
/* Required script to perform proxy login. This example should work
for tisfwtk */
Timeout "120";
/* Passive mode control, proxy, non-proxy and per-host. Pasv mode
is preferred if possible */
Passive "true";
Proxy::Passive "true"; "true"; // Specific per-host setting
mount "/cdrom";
// You need the trailing slash!
Mount "sleep 1000";
UMount "sleep 500";
Options {"--ignore-time-conflict";} // not very useful on a normal system
bz2 "bzip2";
lzma "lzma";
gz "gzip";
Order { "gz"; "lzma"; "bz2"; };
// Directory layout
Dir "/"
// Location of the state dir
State "var/lib/apt/"
Lists "lists/";
xstatus "xstatus";
userstatus "status.user";
status "/var/lib/dpkg/status";
cdroms "cdroms.list";
// Location of the cache dir
Cache "var/cache/apt/" {
Archives "archives/";
// backup directory created by /etc/cron.daily/apt
Backup "backup/";
srcpkgcache "srcpkgcache.bin";
pkgcache "pkgcache.bin";
// Config files
Etc "etc/apt/" {
Main "apt.conf";
Parts "apt.conf.d/";
Preferences "preferences";
PreferencesParts "preferences.d";
SourceList "sources.list";
SourceParts "sources.list.d";
VendorList "vendors.list";
VendorParts "vendors.list.d";
// Locations of binaries
Bin {
methods "/usr/lib/apt/methods/";
gzip "/bin/gzip";
gpg "/usr/bin/gpgv";
dpkg "/usr/bin/dpkg";
dpkg-source "/usr/bin/dpkg-source";
dpkg-buildpackage "/usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage";
apt-get "/usr/bin/apt-get";
apt-cache "/usr/bin/apt-cache";
// Location of the logfile
Log "var/log/apt" {
Terminal "term.log";
// Things that effect the APT dselect method
Clean "auto"; // always|auto|prompt|never
Options "-f";
UpdateOptions "";
PromptAfterUpdate "no";
CheckDir "no";
// let apt aggressivly use dpkg triggers
NoTriggers "true";
NoConfigure "true";
ConfigurePending "true";
// Probably don't want to use force-downgrade..
Options {"--force-overwrite";"--force-downgrade";}
// Auto re-mounting of a readonly /usr
Pre-Invoke {"mount -o remount,rw /usr";};
Post-Invoke {"mount -o remount,ro /usr";};
Chroot-Directory "/";
// Prevents daemons from getting cwd as something mountable (default)
Run-Directory "/";
// Build options for apt-get source --compile
Build-Options "-b -uc";
// Pre-configure all packages before they are installed using debconf.
Pre-Install-Pkgs {"dpkg-preconfigure --apt --priority=low --frontend=dialog";};
// Flush the contents of stdin before forking dpkg.
FlushSTDIN "true";
// Control the size of the command line passed to dpkg.
MaxBytes 1024;
MaxArgs 350;
// controls if apt will apport on the first dpkg error or if it
// tries to install as many packages as possible
StopOnError "true";
/* Options you can set to see some debugging text They correspond to names
of classes in the source code */
pkgProblemResolver "false";
pkgProblemResolver::ShowScores "false";
pkgDepCache::AutoInstall "false"; // what packages apt install to satify dependencies
pkgDepCache::Marker "false";
pkgAcquire "false";
pkgAcquire::Worker "false";
pkgAcquire::Auth "false";
pkgDPkgPM "false";
pkgDPkgProgressReporting "false";
pkgOrderList "false";
pkgAutoRemove "false"; // show information about automatic removes
BuildDeps "false";
pkgInitialize "false"; // This one will dump the configuration space
NoLocking "false";
Acquire::Ftp "false"; // Show ftp command traffic
Acquire::Http "false"; // Show http command traffic
Acquire::Https "false"; // Show https debug
Acquire::gpgv "false"; // Show the gpgv traffic
aptcdrom "false"; // Show found package files
IdentCdrom "false";
/* Whatever you do, do not use this configuration file!! Take out ONLY
the portions you need! */
This Is Not A Valid Config File