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<date>14 February 2004</date>
<refmiscinfo class="manual">APT</refmiscinfo>
<!-- Man page title -->
<refpurpose>APT CDROM management utility</refpurpose>
<!-- Arguments -->
<arg><option>-d=<replaceable>cdrom mount point</replaceable></option></arg>
<arg><option>-o=<replaceable>config string</replaceable></option></arg>
<para><command>apt-cdrom</command> is used to add a new CDROM to APTs list
of available sources. <command>apt-cdrom</command> takes care of
determining the structure of
the disc as well as correcting for several possible mis-burns and
verifying the index files.
<para>It is necessary to use <command>apt-cdrom</command> to add CDs to the
APT system,
it cannot be done by hand. Furthermore each disk in a multi-cd set must be
inserted and scanned separately to account for possible mis-burns.
<para>Unless the <option>-h</option>, or <option>--help</option> option is
given one of the commands below must be present.
<listitem><para><literal>add</literal> is used to add a new disc to the
source list. It will unmount the
CDROM device, prompt for a disk to be inserted and then procceed to
scan it and copy the index files. If the disc does not have a proper
<filename>disk</filename> directory you will be prompted for a descriptive
<para>APT uses a CDROM ID to track which disc is currently in the drive and
maintains a database of these IDs in
<listitem><para>A debugging tool to report the identity of the current
disc as well as the stored file name
<listitem><para>Mount point; specify the location to mount the cdrom. This
mount point must be listed in <filename>/etc/fstab</filename> and
properly configured.
Configuration Item: <literal>Acquire::cdrom::mount</literal>.
<listitem><para>Rename a disc; change the label of a disk or override the
disks given label. This option will cause <command>apt-cdrom</command> to
prompt for a new label.
Configuration Item: <literal>APT::CDROM::Rename</literal>.
<listitem><para>No mounting; prevent <command>apt-cdrom</command> from
mounting and unmounting the mount point.
Configuration Item: <literal>APT::CDROM::NoMount</literal>.
<listitem><para>Fast Copy; Assume the package files are valid and do not
check every package. This option should be used only if
<command>apt-cdrom</command> has been run on this disc before and did not
detect any errors.
Configuration Item: <literal>APT::CDROM::Fast</literal>.
<listitem><para>Thorough Package Scan; This option may be needed with some
old Debian 1.1/1.2 discs that have Package files in strange places. It
takes much longer to scan the CD but will pick them all up.
<listitem><para>No Changes; Do not change the &sources-list; file and do
not write index files. Everything is still checked however.
Configuration Item: <literal>APT::CDROM::NoAct</literal>.
<refsect1><title>See Also</title>
<para>&apt-conf;, &apt-get;, &sources-list;
<para><command>apt-cdrom</command> returns zero on normal operation, decimal 100 on error.