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# -*- make -*-
# This creates a shared library.
# Input
# $(SOURCE) - The source code to use
# $(HEADERS) - Exported header files and private header files
# $(LIBRARY) - The name of the library without lib or .so
# $(MAJOR) - The major version number of this library
# $(MINOR) - The minor version number of this library
# $(APT_DOMAIN) - The text domain for this library
# All output is writtin to .opic files in the build directory to
# signify the PIC output.
# See defaults.mak for information about LOCAL
# Some local definitions
$(LOCAL)-OBJS := $(addprefix $(OBJ)/,$(addsuffix .opic,$(notdir $(basename $(SOURCE)))))
$(LOCAL)-DEP := $(addprefix $(DEP)/,$(addsuffix .opic.d,$(notdir $(basename $(SOURCE)))))
$(LOCAL)-HEADERS := $(addprefix $(INCLUDE)/,$(HEADERS))
TYPE = src
include $(PODOMAIN_H)
# Install the command hooks
headers: $($(LOCAL)-HEADERS)
library: $(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so $(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so.$(MAJOR)
clean: clean/$(LOCAL)
veryclean: veryclean/$(LOCAL)
# Make Directories
MKDIRS += $(OBJ) $(DEP) $(LIB) $(dir $($(LOCAL)-HEADERS))
# The clean rules
.PHONY: clean/$(LOCAL) veryclean/$(LOCAL)
-rm -f $($(@F)-OBJS) $($(@F)-DEP)
veryclean/$(LOCAL): clean/$(LOCAL)
-rm -f $($(@F)-HEADERS) $(LIB)/lib$($(@F)-LIBRARY)*.so*
# Build rules for the two symlinks
.PHONY: $(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so.$(MAJOR) $(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so
$(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so.$(MAJOR): $(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so.$(MAJOR).$(MINOR)
ln -sf $(<F) $@
$(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so: $(LIB)/lib$(LIBRARY).so.$(MAJOR).$(MINOR)
ln -sf $(<F) $@
# The binary build rule
-rm -f $(LIB)/lib$($(@F)-LIBRARY)*.so* 2> /dev/null
echo Building shared library $@
-o $@ $(SONAME_MAGIC)$($(@F)-SONAME) -shared \
$(filter %.opic,$^) \
# Compilation rules
vpath $(SUBDIRS)
echo Compiling $< to $@
# Include the dependencies that are available
The_DFiles = $(wildcard $($(LOCAL)-DEP))
ifneq ($(words $(The_DFiles)),0)
include $(The_DFiles)