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# -*- make -*-
# This is the top level make file for APT, it recurses to each lower
# level make file and runs it with the proper target
ifndef NOISY
.PHONY: default
default: startup all
.PHONY: headers library clean veryclean all binary program doc
all headers library clean veryclean binary program doc dirs:
$(MAKE) -C apt-pkg $@
$(MAKE) -C apt-inst $@
$(MAKE) -C methods $@
$(MAKE) -C cmdline $@
$(MAKE) -C ftparchive $@
$(MAKE) -C dselect $@
$(MAKE) -C doc $@
$(MAKE) -C po $@
# Some very common aliases
.PHONY: maintainer-clean dist-clean distclean pristine sanity
maintainer-clean dist-clean distclean pristine sanity: veryclean
# The startup target builds the necessary configure scripts. It should
# be used after a CVS checkout.
CONVERTED=environment.mak include/config.h include/apti18n.h makefile
include buildlib/configure.mak
$(BUILDDIR)/include/config.h: buildlib/
$(BUILDDIR)/include/apti18n.h: buildlib/
$(BUILDDIR)/environment.mak: buildlib/
$(BUILDDIR)/makefile: buildlib/