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set -e
TESTDIR=$(readlink -f $(dirname $0))
. $TESTDIR/framework
configarchitecture 'native'
echo 'found' > aptarchive/working
changetohttpswebserver -o 'aptwebserver::redirect::replace::/redirectme/=/' \
-o 'aptwebserver::httpcode::200=200' -o 'aptwebserver::httpcode::404=404' \
-o 'aptwebserver::httpcode::301=301'
testdownload() {
rm -f downfile
msgtest "download of a $1 via" "${3%%:*}"
$2 --nomsg downloadfile "$3" downfile
cp rootdir/tmp/testsuccess.output download.log
#looking for "HTTP server doesn't give Reason-Phrase for 200"
testsuccess grep 'give Reason-Phrase for' download.log
if [ "$2" = 'testsuccess' ]; then
testfileequal downfile 'found'
testfailure test -e downfile
runtest() {
testdownload 'file works' 'testsuccess' "$1/working"
testdownload 'file via redirect works' 'testsuccess' "$1/redirectme/working"
testdownload 'non-existent file fails' 'testfailure' "$1/failing"
testdownload 'non-existent file via redirect fails' 'testfailure' "$1/redirectme/failing"
runtest 'http://localhost:8080'
runtest 'https://localhost:4433'