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  1. include_directories(${BERKELEY_DB_INCLUDE_DIRS})
  2. # Definition of the C++ files used to build the program - note that this
  3. # is expanded at CMake time, so you have to rerun cmake if you add or remove
  4. # a file (you can just run cmake . in the build directory)
  5. file(GLOB_RECURSE source "*.cc")
  6. add_executable(apt-ftparchive ${source})
  7. # Link the executables against the libraries
  8. target_include_directories(apt-ftparchive PRIVATE ${BERKELEY_DB_INCLUDE_DIRS})
  9. target_link_libraries(apt-ftparchive apt-inst apt-pkg apt-private ${BERKELEY_DB_LIBRARIES})
  10. # Install the executables