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-- Real Problems
#24000: Bug in apt Version: 0.0.17-1bo0
Summary: Couldn't locate an archive source for a package
Status: Require Status file.
#26670: apt: apt-get dumps core after checking integrity
Summary: Some terminal environments cause APT to crash
Win95 telnet and emacs term-in-a-buffer are two at least
Status: I have no idea why.
#23984: apt: support for "no_proxy" would be nice
Status: Planed to be integrated into the new methods via the configuration
#24685: HTTP Proxy cache refresh
Summary: Some caches hold onto the package index file for too long
Status: It may be possible to insert the proper header to disable
caching but I can't think how to do this while allowing
the cache to return cached objects - in effect it would
completely disable the cache which may not be desired.
#24717: apt dies early if one postinst/preinst dies
Status: Requires dpkg modifications
#25001: apt: cleaned out archive even though not all files were installed
Status: Apparently in some cases APT can return a success code even
though it failed. I'm paying very close attention to this in
0.3.x. Not to mention that the clean behavior will be
#25021: apt: Need some control over multiple connections
Status: Probable that 0.3.x will have support for configuing some
#22892: Apt improvements
#28184: apt could be smarted regarding mirrors
Summary: Make use of redundant sources
Status: 0.3.0 will likely do this, already the information for it is stored.
#24799: Some suggestions for the apt method in dselect
Summary: Wants to be able to specifiy -d from dselect
Status: Likely a APT_OPTIONS enviornment variable will be created, -d can
be put there.
There is already an APT_CONFIG in 0.3, APT_OPTIONS may also
#25104: APT should retry failed downloads
Summary: FTP method has problems with busy servers
Status: The 0.3.0 ftp method should probably use the configuration mechanism
to control this desired behavoir.
#25176: Problem with FTP/firewall
#25458: Problem with FTP/firewall
Summary: FTP method has no controls for firewalls
Status: The 0.3.0 ftp method should probably use the configuration mechanism
to control this desired behavoir.
#28373: apt package is missing information on ftp.conf
Summary: The man pages have references to several non-existent items,
ftp.conf is only one of them.
Status: Fix the man pages. This certainly will be done in 0.3.0
#28391: apt-get install without upgrading
Summary: Make install leave the package in the keep state if it is already
Status: Will be implemented in 0.3.0
-- Fixed but unclosed things
#25026: apt: Why do you list the packages you're _not_ doing anything to instead of the ones you are?
#22507: apt: apt-get - listing packages to be upgraded (wishlist)
Summary: Feature request
Status: Fixed in 0.3.0 via the -u option
#21113: [Apt] In dselect, update dies and exits if the packages file is not found.
Status: Fixed in 0.3.0
#22675: APT does not honor the --admin-dir option
#22836: Disk/Zip-Method for apt?
Summary: APT does not provide a way to download packages onto a
removable media for another computer
Status: 0.3.0 has substantially better support for this to the point
that it is doable by using a seperate configuration file and
the -c option
#27601: srange errors from dselect
Summary: Couldn't locate an archive source
Status: Require status file
Believed to be fixed in 0.1.9, was not reproducable w/ given
status file
#27841: apt: apt depends on a missing library
Status: New versions of APT in slink have been compiled with libstdc++2.9
-- Silly things
#26592: apt: Problems with ftpd in SunOS 5.6
Summary: SunOS ftpd does not support the SIZE command
Status: Probably not worth fixing
#20723: Apt suggestion
Summary: Package Grouping Mechanism
Status: Who knows
#22550: apt-get upgrade could configure packages earlier
Status: Who knows
#23934: apt-get source <package>
#27190: apt: installing source packages (wishlist)
Status: Impossible to do without an index file for all source archives.
#26019: apt may report wrong line speed
#26433: apt: claims to fetch things it doesn't actually fetch (wishlist)
#28778: apt: apt's fetched message is wrong for update of packages files
Summary: APT includes the fetch time from the local cache in its
Status: Probably will be fixed with new acquire code
#26663: rsync file access
Status: Unlikely, rsync does not provide the necessary support to be
a terribly good method. I do not intend any 'split mode'
support (ie a way to get Package files via rsync and .debs
via http)
#22551: apt: wish: use dist X iff pkg does not exist in dist Y
#27100: apt: Better support for project/experimental
Status: GUI Feature - Version selection and pinning
#25019: apt: Confusing progress report
Summary: Gripes about the progress meter
Status: I do not intend to implement very many of these ideas in apt-get.
The GUI will naturally be better
#25022: apt: Lack of feedback on date checking
Summary: Wants to know what package files were not updated
Status: There is no place for this in the current apt-get design,
probably won't make the GUI either.
#28172: HTTP Proxy cache refresh should be forced for corrupted packages
Summary: Some problem resulted in a corrupted package
Status: I belive this reflects a deeper problem and the suggested solution
is only a band-aide patch. I intend to close this bug when #24685
is fixed with a configuration directive.
#27646: Apt: dpkg --merge-avail
Summary: Suggestion to call merge avail after each update operation
Status: Unlikely. The dpkg --print-avail functions should be obsoleted
by the apt-query program which should be written.