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  1. # Britney - Keeps suites installable and up to date
  2. Britney is a program to compute an update of a Debian-based package suite
  3. by feeding it updates from (one or more) source-suite(s). A few known use
  4. cases:
  5. * Debian uses it to update testing based on unstable
  6. * Ubuntu uses it to update their latest development suite using a "hidden" -proposed-updates suite as source
  7. Britney's primary goal is too keep packages in the target suite installable
  8. (e.g. Debian testing) while keeping it up to date with its primary source
  9. suite (e.g. Debian unstable).
  10. ## Installing, configuring and using Britney
  11. Please see [doc/setting-up-britney.rst].
  12. ## Migration items
  13. Britney generally works with a "migration item", which is a group of binary
  14. packages (and possibly a source package). Packages are bundled into these
  15. migration items under the following rules:
  16. 1. "source migration": An update of the source package. This will include all the binary packages built from that source version (regardless of architecture).
  17. * Can contain binaries built from earlier source version depending on the setting of "IGNORE_CRUFT"
  18. * Britney refers to these as "${SOURCE_NAME}"
  19. 1. "binary migration": An update of binary packages on a given architecture to an existing source package in the target suite.
  20. * Two common cases: Built for the first time on a new architecture and binNMUs
  21. * Britney refers to all cases of these as "${SOURCE_NAME}/${ARCHITECTURE}"
  22. 1. "removal item": A removal of a source or binary package.
  23. * Note that it is only possible to trigger "source" removals via hints. Binary removals are items generated by Britney to clean up the target suite.
  24. * Britney refers to these as "-${SOURCE_NAME}" or "-${BINARY_NAME}/${ARCHITECTURE}" depending on the case.
  25. ## Migration rules (excuses/policies)
  26. Britney applies a number of policies to migration items before attempting
  27. to migrate them to the target suite. These policies can "reject" a
  28. package and prevent it from migrating. Some policies/built-in rules:
  29. * Age policy: Lets source migrations age a bit before they are allowed to migrate
  30. - Supports variable length based on package urgency
  31. * RC Bug policy: Rejects packages with regressions in RC bugs
  32. - Requires an external tool to keep the bug lists up to date
  33. * Keeps architectures in sync: Source migrations updating existing packages only occur if architectures are up to date
  34. - Can be configured to ignore certain architectures.