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Remove broken depends code in _should_upgrade_src

The code that was supposed to check uninstallability of existing binaries was
- it only checked arch: all on nobreakall archs, not arch any
- it checked if the new binary was in testing (this never happens)
- it doesn't work when binaries from both unstable and tpu are needed

Note that _excuse_unsat_deps() now handles nobreakall correctly.
Ivo De Decker 1 year ago
1 changed files with 9 additions and 13 deletions
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+ 9
- 13
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@@ -394,19 +394,15 @@ class ExcuseFinder(object):
if is_valid:

binary_u = all_binaries[pkg_id]
# There is an issue with the package. If it is arch:any, then _excuse_unsat_deps will have
# handled everything for us correctly. However, arch:all have some special-casing IRT
# nobreakall that we deal with ourselves here.
if binary_u.architecture == 'all' and pkg_id.architecture in self.options.nobreakall_arches:
# We sometimes forgive uninstallable arch:all packages on nobreakall architectures
# (e.g. we sometimes force-hint in arch:all packages that are only installable on
# on a subset of all nobreak architectures).
# This forgivness is only done if the package is already in testing AND it is broken
# in testing on this architecture already. Anything else would be a regression
if target_suite.is_pkg_in_the_suite(pkg_id) and not target_suite.is_installable(pkg_id):
# It is a regression.
excuse.policy_verdict = PolicyVerdict.REJECTED_PERMANENTLY
# TODO actually reject items that are not valid based on the
# result of _excuse_unsat_deps. However:
# - the calculation from _excuse_unsat_deps isn't correct when
# multiple source suites are required:
# * bin in unstable needs bin from (t)pu
# * bin in (t)pu needs bin from unstable
# - when a binary is already uninstallable in testing, a newer
# version of that binary is allowed to migrate, even if it is
# uninstallable

# at this point, we check the status of the builds on all the supported architectures
# to catch the out-of-date ones