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Document allow-archall-maintainer-upload and allow-uninst hints

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@@ -229,6 +229,15 @@ Migration can still be blocked or delayed for other reasons (like age,
dependencies, piuparts regressions, etc).

allow-archall-maintainer-upload `<action list>

Allow the arch: all binaries of the sources specified in `<action list>` to be
maintainer uploads.

The items in `<action list>` are unversioned source package names.

Migration selection hints

@@ -299,13 +308,28 @@ desirable than the resulting breakage.

*Caveat*: Be sure to test the outcome of these hints. A last minute
change can have long lasting undesirable consequences on the end
result. Consider using an `allow-uninst` hint instead.

Other hints

This section cover hints that have no other grouping.

allow-uninst `<action list>`

When trying migration of items, don't consider the uninstallability of binary
packages in the `<action list>`. This means that items can still migrate if
they cause these packages to become uninstallable.

The `<action list>` is a list of unversioned binary packages. If an
architecture is specified, it only applies to the specific architecture.
Please note that the specified architecture is the architecture where Britney
does the installability test. For arch: all package, this means that all
relevant (`nobreakall`) architectures need to be specified, not `all`.

remove `<action list>`