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britney: Split "ood" and "unsat_deps" loops

The "Out of date" binaries loop has gotten too complex to also handle
the "unsatisifiable dependency" check.  Concretely, we failed to
generate proper excuses for arch:all packages due to this.

Separate the two loops to restore the arch:all check.

Signed-off-by: Niels Thykier <>
Niels Thykier 2 years ago
1 changed files with 21 additions and 15 deletions
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@@ -1368,9 +1368,29 @@ class Britney(object):
excuse.policy_verdict = PolicyVerdict.REJECTED_NEEDS_APPROVAL

all_binaries = self.all_binaries
for pkg_id in source_u.binaries:
is_valid = self.excuse_unsat_deps(pkg_id.package_name, src, pkg_id.architecture, suite, excuse)
if is_valid:

binary_u = all_binaries[pkg_id]
# There is an issue with the package. If it is arch:any, then excuse_unsat_deps will have
# handled everything for us correctly. However, arch:all have some special-casing IRT
# nobreakall that we deal with ourselves here.
if binary_u.architecture == 'all' and pkg_id.architecture in self.options.nobreakall_arches:
inst_tester = self._inst_tester
# We sometimes forgive uninstallable arch:all packages on nobreakall architectures
# (e.g. we sometimes force-hint in arch:all packages that are only installable on
# on a subset of all nobreak architectures).
# This forgivness is only done if the package is already in testing AND it is broken
# in testing on this architecture already. Anything else would be a regression
if inst_tester.any_of_these_are_in_testing({pkg_id}) and not inst_tester.is_installable(pkg_id):
# It is a regression.
excuse.policy_verdict = PolicyVerdict.REJECTED_PERMANENTLY

# at this point, we check the status of the builds on all the supported architectures
# to catch the out-of-date ones
all_binaries = self.all_binaries
archs_to_consider = list(self.options.architectures)
for arch in archs_to_consider:
@@ -1404,20 +1424,6 @@ class Britney(object):
uptodatebins = True

# if the package is architecture-dependent or the current arch is `nobreakall'
# find unsatisfied dependencies for the binary package
if binary_u.architecture != 'all' or arch in self.options.nobreakall_arches:
is_valid = self.excuse_unsat_deps(pkg, src, arch, suite, excuse)
inst_tester = self._inst_tester
if not is_valid and inst_tester.any_of_these_are_in_testing({binary_u.pkg_id}) \
and not inst_tester.is_installable(binary_u.pkg_id):
# Forgive uninstallable packages only when
# they are already broken in testing ideally
# we would not need to be forgiving at
# all. However, due to how arch:all packages
# are handled, we do run into occasionally.
excuse.policy_verdict = PolicyVerdict.REJECTED_PERMANENTLY

# if there are out-of-date packages, warn about them in the excuse and set excuse.is_valid
# to False to block the update; if the architecture where the package is out-of-date is
# in the `outofsync_arches' list, then do not block the update