12 Commits (devuan-deployment)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Niels Thykier 58658bbcbb .travis.yml: Use master branch for brtiney2-tests 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 502f4c14a2
travis: clone autopkgtest branch of test data 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers e95315e57c
codecov: try alternative approach to get codecov data out of the docker container 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 495200e68f
travis: show ci_env for debugging 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 49cd47681b
travis: Enable submission to codecov 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers bc73500002
tests: data has moved to salsa 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers dbf024bf7a
travis: Build Debian stable docker image and use it for testing 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier b86461f76e .travis-ci: Drop (now) unnecessary dependency 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 597eac6130
Adapt test_autopkgtest.py so nosetests3 picks it up correctly 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 3dc5e41061
Fix travis call to test_autopkgtest.py 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers ce41819e05
Try to fix travis test suite for autopkgtest code 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 61bdee0fa7 Upload code coverage results to codecov.io 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 96b7e606cf Add simple RC bugs unit test 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 4eb5bdb396 Show coverage reports in travis-ci builds 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 6d2adb9e41 .travis.yml: Add the live-data test suite 4 years ago
  Niels Thykier f6b7042bbc Add .travis-ci file 4 years ago